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If you are interested in performing at The Lager House, please read the following!

Any band interested in playing PJ's Lager House please e-mail us at

Please include all of the following information in order to be considered for a show:
  • A brief description of your band
  • A link to your website, Facebook page, EPK, or other page with MP3s
  • A list of the area venues you have played and area bands you have played with.
  • What date(s) you are available to play.

Local Bands - if you've never played at PJ's Lager House before, you will likely be asked to play a weeknight or free show first. This will allow us to get a feel for your sound and your draw. If you draw well and are not too difficult to get along with, in all likelihood you will be asked back.

Touring Bands - Touring bands are welcome at the Lager House and we will do our very best to accommodate you. Of course, it is easier to get a show if you partner with a local band that draws well and complements your sound.

Any band - local or touring - that is booked at the Lager House should not have another show booked in the immediate area one week before, or after, their scheduled performance. Exceptions can be made at the venue's discretion.

Payment - Booker will arrange all payments. -generally 90% of door to bands and %10 to booker. The band/performer who booked the show will handle distribution of funds from the show.

If you have sent an e-mail to our booking address and have not received a reply within one week's time, feel free to send a follow-up e-mail.

After you are booked

Promotions - Promotion of your show can only add to your draw - which makes us want to book you again and again. Even if you have played Lager House before, you are still responsible for promoting your show.

As soon as you are booked, please send a short description of your band and photo to, with the date you are performing in the subject heading.

Send us POSTERS! - We love em. Paper posters should be dropped off / mailed to arrive at the bar NO LATER than TWO WEEKS before the scheduled performance.

Jpegs of your posters need to arrive via e-mail NO LATER than TWO WEEKS before the scheduled performance for our website and social media sites. Send jpegs to:

Update your websites - Band websites and social media calendars need to be updated with details of your performance upon confirmation.

"Events" are better than a single post your FB wall. How to make a FB Event

Contact local media - Although we send our calendars out to the local press, they are sick of hearing from us all the time. Send out your show details at least two weeks before your show date for that extra lovin' press coverage!

Paper Media
Detroit Metro Times (weekly)
Real Detroit (weekly)
Real Detroit (weekly)
Detroit Free Press (daily)
The Detroit News (daily)

Motor City Rocks
Deep Cutz
Eat This City
Detroit Rock Review

Finally, thank you for your interest in playing at PJ's Lager House. We hope to work with bands and performers from many genres and styles in the years to come. We are open to suggestions and hope you bring your best to The Lager House.

Thanks and see you in the “D”

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