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Almost Free / Suns / The Ghost Wolves / Six & The Sevens / Stikyfut $5
Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 9pm

"Suns are back for another round of dragging atmospheric rock into the alley to smack the stars out of its eyes. Armed with their first full length, "When We Were Us," the band takes a leaner, meaner and more melodic approach to its distinct brand of ribcage-shaking density. The darkness, the drunkenness, the desperation - it's all still there, but now it digs in with sharper hooks.... Suns plan to self-release "When We Were Us" on lavishly packaged vinyl and digital download, supported by endless touring in their full-size decommissioned school bus. These guys won't do anything on a small scale and we're just going to have to get out of their way." - Sara Enderle

Stikyfüt, local Detroit rock band brings an array of flavors to the table; combining influences from 60's/70's rock n'    roll with new age soul. The band works to write every song different from the last; attacking all genres from jazz, roots, rock, blues, soul, indie, latin, jam, and metal. They classify themselves as Gypsy Art-Rock. Take from this what you may, but "ass kickery is inevitable." (Dwayne Hoover, Revue Magazine) 
The journey began towards recording and performing their newly discovered sound; a collaboration of sweet, soulful vocals, blanketing over powerful blues and funk rhythmic arrangements with an attitude for that good old fashioned “rock your face off."

"Jangled, jaunty shake-em-ups, man, just get right up and dance on the table if you're feeling it. Yes, grab a tambourine if it's near...or just clap along, because the beat won't stall and the piano keepsrolling, guitars are gushing and bluesy vocals are bleating and blaring. Just put the beer down and get up for three minutes and cut a beer-splashed rug to these unabashed garage-pop revivalist numbers, compliments of Six and the Sevens."

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