Absinthe Rose / Fishguttz / Dear John Tractor / Jason Milan

Sun, Jul 16, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Sunday, July 16 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $6
Absinthe Rose (Folk-country-blues punk)
Fishguttz (Punk/Folk)
Dear John Tractor (Rock n roll)
Jason Milan (Experimental acoustic music)

Absinthe Rose is a politically charged lyrical and personal songwriter from Boston MA, Born in rural Oregon, Kimbo Rose began to listen and learn country and folk songs from her grandmother’s record collection. Absinthe Rose grounds herself in the depths of the punk community that adopted her at the early age of 10. While keeping her roots in folk-country, Absinthe Rose developed her distinctive sound from this combination of genres, each one influencing her soulful expression and political content. A folk-outlaw country singer-songwriter with the heart and style of a punk. Absinthe Rose was formed and began playing shows in early 2008 in Medford/Ashland Oregon, before relocating to Boston in 2009. Upon arrival, Kimbo began playing the Greater Boston circuit and gained a loyal following of fans. After her first record release and tour, Absinthe Rose began establishing her reputation as an empowering role model and indomitable presence, working tirelessly to create what has become a profound musical repertoire. Kimbo Rose is a veteran in the music community; from Oregon to Boston, from Canada to Hawaii, Absinthe Rose will continue to fight for innovative ways to create and inspire.

Dear John Tractor plays charged hillbilly rock n roll.

Jason Milan: What is Music for Grasshoppers? MFG is the state of mind when it is in tune and working harmoniously, like a grasshopper in nature. It is the moment of tapping in to the universal consciousness. It is letting go of rational thought to stream creativity without internal or external prejudice. It is trusting the voice within. It is the unification of duality. It is intent. It is belief. It is nothing shy of a revolution.

fishgutzzz gettin ignant with a guitar, kick ‘n’ kazoo while convincing his worst friends to record on the album. I am king of the shit castle and the goddamn gallows wouldn’t let me play these songs so here yinz fuckin go…no refunds.