Andre the Giant Birthday Extravaganza!!

Fri, May 19, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Friday, May 19 / 8pm / $8
Circus Boy (Rock)
Beggars (Good time rock and roll)
Slumlord Radio (Dirty Action Rock Punk n’ Roll)

May 19th, 1946 – Andre The Giant was born into this world. He is the man who drank 106 beers in one sitting, and drank an entire commercial airplane out of vodka. Get your drinking shoes polished and re-laced because it is time to honor this wrasslin’ legend!

Here are some of the bands he would have handpicked to play such an event.

The Beggars can do rowdy, they can do outrageous and they do all the reckless valiant theatrics of everything you thought you loved most about Rock n’ Roll – but the Beggars edge is in their endearment – the swagger of the greats without the sleaze of the stereotype – a pure energy burst from a wholesome (yes, wholesome) love for the legends (and the legacies) of rock.

They cruise with a heavy chugging 70’s fuzz style that loop-de-loops up like a rocket of spacier psychedelia, only to parachute down into the eye of the party’s storm, cool as cucumbers with a soulful swagger of jazzy bass and danceable beats, spurred ever forth by crowd-crazy incitements from a quintessential frontman.

The Beggars understand that rock is equal parts demolition derby as it is vaudeville theatre, let’s have a good time.

Let us start from the beginning. Slumlord Radio was formed 2010 in Grand Rapids, MI. The members all met in a building owned by the infamous Stevie “Slumlord” and in his honor, decided to name the band after him. Falling behind in gambling debts big time to their bookie Chris “Big Rig” Riggie (now manager) they decided to form a band to make some big bucks. Comprised of former Scandinavian models and over-the-road truck drivers, Slumlord Radio spent many hours honing the rowdy, raw action rock sound they were chasing. The music is a loud frenetic mix of punk, hard rock, metal, stoner rock, with some good ol’ Detroit scuzz thrown in for good measure (ok and some rough pop melodies for their moms too!). As far as the live show, Slumlord Radio’s onstage drunken swagger, scruffy Midwestern charm comes through in spades. Often playing with a reckless abandon of a bear ripping through a camper looking for food, the shows are always a high energy affair! The Let us start thunderous trio, have played many of the finest dive bars in the world.