Bogart / Suburban Soul Surfers / March of the Ant / AllDay MonDay

Fri, Dec 2, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Friday, December 2 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
Bogart (Rock)
Suburban Soul Surfers (Reggae/Funk)
March of the Ant (Progressive pop/rock)
AllDay MonDay (Acoustic alternative/Ska/Folk)

Fueled by Japanese rock and shots of cheap whiskey–BOGART–debuts in August 2016 with the radio-ready EP–EVERY LITTLE THING, produced by Tim Patalan at The Loft in Saline, MI. This EP features four of the most mind-bending, cool, will-get-stuck-in-your-head-forever songs that are sure to capture the hearts and ears of rock fans in Detroit and beyond.

BOGART is Douglas Bannerman (formerly of Detroit Pony Express) on lead vocals and guitar, Elise McCoy on bass guitar and vocals (formerly of MPV), Thomas Virga on guitar (formerly of Detroit Pony Express), and Danny David on drums (The Smarties, Marshall Neely and the Deputies of Destruction). This Detroit powerhouse draws influences from East-Asian rockers–The Pillows, 90s rock favorites — Breeders and PJ Harvey, new wave pioneers–Devo, and Detroit staple–Sponge.

The band’s main songwriter, Douglas, has a knack for writing clever lyrics and powerful melodies that resonate with everyone who hears them. This foundation, backed up by sweet-sounding harmonies, rooted in rock-solid drumming, and killer guitar riffs make Detroit fans sing along in the shower and power drum on steering wheels up and down Gratiot Avenue.

Suburban Soul Surfers: Reggae/Funk Band. Original Material, plus some familiar covers.

March of the Ant: The struggle of a single ant is the struggle we all face as human beings. We are all very small beings in a sea of other small beings, peopling a humongous and unintelligible universe. Nothing is certain, but we are not alone.

Noah Borders was born with fingers that make playing the guitar easier, with a weird platform at the bend, like some kind of guitar-fingered mutant. So we are kind of under the impression that he was destined to play music. The feelings expressed in MOTA cultivated within Noah all his life: in dreams, in reality, and in between. He spends sleepless nights crafting strange melodies with invented sliding chord structures (and power chords). His song writing style starts with the words and the music written around them in a genre he’s dubbed “Poem Rock.” What is created turns out to be, at times, progressive and energetic, and at other times, melodic and pretty. It is an interesting and evolving sonic structure — enhanced by his universally accessible and heartfelt lyrics. The music represents the common struggles of growing up in this dark modern era. Noah feels things the connectivity between all things, so if you do too, chances are you’ll love MOTA.

Douglas Wozniak IS drums. The rhythm runs deep within him, like a black river (which is what his name means) and comes out in a completely original form, with complex time signatures and organic feeling. He should be at Berkley School of Music, but we are so glad he is here with us!

Steve Dunning is a musical enigma. His soft and intricate melodies enhance MOTA’s sound inexplicably. Playing guitar to back up Noah, his notes are interwoven like fine lace around a lightning bolt.

Rose Carver started out as a March of the Ant fangirl, but hung around long enough until they invited her to be their manager, and eventually ended up playing bass in the band.

Kat Steih, Greg Phillips, and Cat Shlenker are members of the band in spirit, as their influence still lingers in the band’s energetic radiance.

AllDay MonDay are comprised of Em Burns (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Jude De Hibbard (Bassist). They’re based out of Flint, Michigan. Em Burns working as a soloist, started touring with her brother, Derek Grierson, in 2010 as a two-piece acoustic group. In 2011, Derek left to pursue other projects, leaving Em now in search of a drummer and bassist, Em landed Micha McAuley, formally of Choice Meats. Em and Micha went in search of a bassist and just before the holidays landed Bo Smi!! AllDay MonDay has had the opportunity to win a local battle and make it to Hard Rock Cafe! Having completed their first CD with “Still Water Studio” and gaining a name for them selves locally! Currently Bo Smi has gone on to new projects and the band has gained Tam Pendleton! Playing several local venues and there CD will be released in the Spring of 2013. After the release of our Debut CD ” Crane” we continued to grow as artist. In 2014 Tam Pendleton moved on to further her education coming back to perform with the band when possible. In 2015 the band landed Jude De Hibbard to play the bass and continued to have Tam Pendleton perform when possible giving the band a full four piece sound.