Bronson Wisconsin / Anthony Retka / Adventures with Vultures

Mon, Jun 19, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Monday, June 19 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
Bronson Wisconsin (Indie rock/Alt-country)
Anthony Retka (Pop/Rock)
Adventures with Vultures (American folk/blues)

Bronson Wisconsin is a tasteful collaboration of Alt-Country, Indie-Rock, and everything in between. Growing up as one of 9 kids in a musically diverse home, brothers Bronson and Preston was exposed to all the music they could handle and more than enough instruments needed to express themselves. Spending the long, cold Wisconsin winters the same way they spent the hot and beautiful summers, practicing their craft.

After achieving success as the globally recognized latin duo, Taalbi Brothers, Bronson went on expressing a different side of himself as a singer and as a songwriter. What started out as a “one day one song” demoing session, quickly turned into “3 days, 6 songs” and before they realized it, the brothers had themselves their first EP as Bronson Wisconsin.

“That Damn Piano” was released on Friday, June 10th in Bronson Wisconsin’s hometown of Madison, WI.

“What you get in Bronson Wisconsin is honest songwriting, Midwest sensibilities, dressed up in Los Angeles style. Keep an eye out for these guys as they are definitely going places.” – JOHN ANDERSON, ringmaster and CEO of Hunnypot Unlimited (a cutting-edge organization specializing in discovering and cultivating fresh music talent)

“In the vein of Alt-Country / Americana but definitely with some bite and some grit to it. Very earnest with a “salt of the earth” quality to it, it doesn’t hold back, and is very successful at steering clear of the overtly clean and faux americana that has taken over the ‘dad-rock’ radio market.” -Kyle Kohler, Stage Banter (Podcast)

Detroit-born singer, songwriter, and musician, Anthony Retka, has spent the last fifteen years writing and performing music that has helped etch his place in the Detroit music scene. He has toured the United States with notable stops in Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago and New York. Anthony has independently released four solo studio records and two live solo albums alongside four full-length albums, a live double CD, and multiple EPs and Singles with his band, Tone & Niche.

Anthony recently released “Fields & Fortresses”, his most direct and expressive solo work to date. The new album features the strong vocal styling and lyrical abilities that people have come to expect from Anthony’s recordings. His band, Big Parade, backs him up on the new release and the album also features a few special guest appearances by notable Detroit-area musicians.

Big Parade is an ever-changing lineup of talented friends and guest performers such as Kate Hinote, Emily Rose, Nicole Varga, Ian Lee Lamb, Dave Martin, and Drew Schultz, to name a few, coming together to sing, play, and record with Anthony. The core of Big Parade currently includes Kelly Tuscherer on backup vocals, Aaron Tuscherer on mandolin, Nate Brent on guitar, Alex Wildner on bass, and Carson Morton on drums. Anthony Retka’s Big Parade has been playing out around the Detroit-area since 2014.

In addition to the release of the new record, Anthony’s song So Long, from the 2007 Tone and Niche record Rust, was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s Dr. G: Medical Examiner.

Adventures with Vultures: A folk singer-songwriter evokes a certain image. Matt Sauter breaks that image. With his backward ball cap, knuckle tattoos, and knee-shredded shorts, the lone singer/songwriter behind Adventures with Vultures tinkers with the image of what a folk singer should be. Adventures With Vultures’ Matt Sauter, who was a mere 24 years old when he signed with Original 1265 Recordings, hails from Plymouth—a small town that sits roughly 25 miles outside of Detroit. That location is crucial to his music: a rural area outside a major city. After all, like all good folk music, Adventures With Vultures’ songs are about specific places and the people who give those places their personality. Stylistically, it’s different from what Sauter is used to—he spent the better part of this decade writing hip-hop music, not folk music. Mos Def and J. Cole are cited among his influences, but so are Carol King, Shakey Graves, and Nathaniel Rateliff. Perhaps that’s why Adventures With Vultures brings a welcome, abrasive quality to tender, stripped-down songs. A folk singer, it is true, evokes a certain image. Meet Matt Sauter—an invigorating folk singer who will change that image.