Cold As Life / The Worst Of / Eye Remain

Sat, Feb 17, 2018 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Saturday, February 17 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
$12 advance, $15 day of

Cold As Life (Hardcore/Punk)
The Worst Of (Headbanging)
Eye Remain (Hardcore/Thrash)

Cold As Life resurrected from the ashes of Apathetic Degenerates & The Mattress Rats. The original lineup of Rawn, Roy, Jeff and Jay Way were joined by many different bassists. They recorded a series of demos which spawned the signature sound that would make them infamous in the world of hardcore. Cold As Life returns with Roy on drums, Jesse on vocals, Matt on guitar and Craig on bass.

“As Detroit’s resurgence makes international headlines, it’s convenient to forget what we’re resurging from: Decades of high unemployment, violent crime, abandoned homes, abandoned lives and a very low standard of living for a First World nation. In the late ’80s, with Detroit deeply mired in the aforementioned miasma, a band called Cold as Life emerged on Detroit’s west side. It all started when, at a small bungalow nearly identical to all the other small bungalows in the infamous Brightmoor neighborhood, a guy who went by the name Rawn Beuty (aka Rodney Barger) joined a punk band called the Mattress Rats.” [Detroit Metro Times]

The Worst Of: Heavy hitters from the great city of Detroit and all the attitude to back it. These boys embrace the darker side of a good time. After being through the ringer The Worst Of keeps the jams hard and abrasive with that nasty groove you dig.

The Worst Of is a tight knit group of close friends with over 1000 live performances under their belts combined in some form. The newest formation and group favorite came from the heart and the pit of what they are LOUD HARD and HEAVY.

For The Worst Of it is simple, find a groove and ride it. Hit hard while being original and pulling from the roots of hardcore and metal and sticking to what they love to play. Look out for The Worst Of… Live out loud!

Eye Remain: “moving forward without forgetting where you come from. Eye Remain.weve been around for about 7 yrs and played all over the state in this time. weve been through alot of members but were very happy with the current line up and where our sound and style is going.many things influence each one of us from early punk to current death metal,even some milder stuff. come to a show and see for yourself!” [from the band]