Dally in the Alley After Party: Earth Engine / All the Wild Children / Kate Wakefield

Sat, Sep 9, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Saturday, September 9 / $5
Earth Engine (Experimental/Funk rock)
All the Wild Children (Rock & roll)
Kate Wakefield (Lung)

Earth Engine: “Earth Engine’s EP is a spastic, satiated cluster of baroque rock that has wrangled a plethora of genres and in the process created their own.” – audiofemme.com

“It’s never a straight shot — more like a deliberate detour. The structured chaos is just enough to make sure you won’t walk away.” – vocoyd.blogspot.com

All the Wild Children: 
Swearing, pushing, spitting, moon craving, hill howling, jar drinking, cave dwelling, tree climbing, candy eating, fire starting, barefoot wild children, disguised as a four piece Rock’n’ Roll band that’s gonna worm in through your ears and finger paint all over your brain.

Kate Wakefield: 
“There just isn’t much else out there that can pummel bowels with this extreme level of heavy syncopation while simultaneously servicing the needs of the song and strengthening the power of a melodic female vocalist. ” — UR Chicago