‘Detroiters’ TV Show Premiere: Viewing Party

Tue, Feb 7, 2017 @ 9:00 pm to 11:00pm

PJ’s Lager House is hosting THE BEST watching party premiere for the critically acclaimed comedy, Detroiters, debuting on Comedy Central this Tuesday, Feb. 7: There’s no cover, the show starts at 10pm, and the first 120 people through the door (starting at 9pm) receive a FREE Lager House gift voucher! BUT MORE: Pub Quiz is free and starts at 8pm AND Funkwagon With Gang Of Thieves play it out funky around 10 with no cover!

What The New York Times says about ‘Detroiters’:

The show follows a pair of small-time admen, Sam and Tim, who are best friends, next-door neighbors and brothers-in-law. Imagine “Dumb and Dumber” meets “Mad Men” — if Don Draper was wildly goofy and handled accounts for D.U.I. lawyers and hot-tub shops.

The concept was inspired by the wacky Technicolor commercials for local Detroit businesses both men grew up watching in the 1990s — such as the spots that featured the former Detroit Lions player and car dealership magnate Mel Farr soaring over the earth in a superhero cape. “There was so much cheese,” Mr. Richardson said. “But there was heart to them as well.”

Mr. Robinson, 35, spent his childhood in Clarkston, a suburb of Detroit; Mr. Richardson, 33, grew up in the Boston Edison district of the city. The two actors met at the now-defunct Detroit chapter of the comedy company Second City. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Richardson’s improv teacher, used to sneak the underage Mr. Richardson into bars; then, both performed on the troupe’s Chicago main stage at the same time. They formed a close friendship, bonding over their shared backgrounds and a highly specific love of a Christmas special with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, which they watch together every December.