Devil Met Contention / The Wagner Act / Poor Player

Mon, Aug 29, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Monday August 29- 8 P.M.- $5

Devil Met Contention (Americana/Southern Gothic)
The Wagner Act (Folk/Country)
Poor Player (Folk rock/Alt-country)

Devil Met Contention combines country, folk and blues into a distinctive sound that brings to mind Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. Hailed as “a haunting slab of dusty Americana” by the Milwaukee Record, Devil Met Contention is perfect if you feel like dancing, socializing or drowning your sorrows with a bottle of whiskey.

Their new, full length album, “Fuel The Lights” is available everywhere digital music is sold and compact disc.

The Wagner Act is a songwriting collaboration between John Freeman and Nick Mansfield. It came about one October a few years ago over some Canadian whiskey and Guy Clark tunes in Freeman’s garage. Mansfield brought an idea to the table to write a tune about iron workers on Zug Island. They ran that tune and Guy Clark’s “Stuff that Works” into the wee hours of the morning and left for their respective day jobs with worthwhile hangovers. This was the first of many songwriting sessions. After opening for Ryan Dillaha and the Miracle Men at the Magic bag in Ferndale, MI a few months later, the two songwriters became a performing duo.

Poor Player is the musical project of one Motor City M.F. Homegrown Indie folk Americana born of an excess of beverages, Poor Player is a five piece band that takes to the stage with barrel house rambles, neo Dustbowl yodels, Tecumseh strums, and a hopped up grab bag of American riddles and laments. Saluting the guy flying a sign beside the highway exit, zigzagging through the post-industrial prairie, Poor Player is all about finding the roots beneath the rubble, the green beneath the ruin, the country blues in the pothole concrete, the folk in the f***d up, and the beauty in the city gone to seed. Always bring a flask to Poor Player shows and spill some firewater for the brothers passed and who are passing. Missing Poor Player one place search another, they play on some stage waiting for you.