Dinner Show: Wild Mountain Roses

Thu, Jun 22, 2017 @ 5:30 pm to 7:30pm

Thursday, June 22 / 5:30-7:30pm / No cover

Monsoon Baby is the first single from the brand new recording project called, the Wild Mountain Roses.

Our story is of two wild dreamers who once lived and performed in Portland, OR. They parted ways in 2016. Rosie moved to Tucson, Michael David moved to Minneapolis. As the brutal, unforgiving Minnesota winter approached, he wrote two songs, Monsoon Baby & You, Me and the Sunset while Rosie was staying in the Saguaro National Forest of the Tucson Mountains West, and the two collaborated on the songs long distance. Rosie added vocal and fiddle parts to the demos, and the songs were born into the world. Wasting no time, Michael flew to Tucson where the two songs were recorded at Dust & Stone studios with Gabriel Sullivan and his hand selected studio band consisting of some of Tucson’s best musicians. Since then, they have both turned their worlds upside down. They quit their day jobs, sold their possessions and prepared themselves for the road. Never was there a particular duo more dedicated to the pursuit of freedom and truth, through their music, willing to trade the comforts that define conventional life for a glimpse of the magic, beauty and romance, found in the ghosts stories of the music of yesteryear. Their goal is simple, to be wild and free and live off the uplifting power of creating and performing quality music that you can fall in love with.

Michael David Sharbatz

Born in suburban Detroit, Michigan. Raised on rock n’ roll and schooled in the Detroit music scene from the late 90’s to mid 2000’s. Founder, lead singer and song writer of Portland Oregon’s most dynamic and authentic garage-soul outfit, Brownish Black, which brought back the art of an honest live performance to the Portland scene. He is a city boy at heart who understands the grit in the streets of downtown, from Detroit to Portland to Minneapolis, but loves the natural world and feels at home in any climbable tree. Michael believes there is no replacement for the view of a colorful sunset or a nighttime endless sky filled with countless stars. He loves people and the stories they tell. He has a talent for songwriting and is indebted to the artists before him.

Rosie Starke

Rosie Starke is an adventurous woman of many passions. Born on the West Coast and raised in the Hill Country, she comes from a family background of musicians and artists. Her grandfather, Ray Stinnett, was the lead guitar player for Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs in the 60’s, where he grew up in the Memphis music scene around Rock n’ Roll, Soul, Sun & Stax records. Rosie avidly rode horses, played violin, danced , sang, and acted on the theater stage. She loved the country lifestyle and legends, but had always longed to be a Broadway baby in the big city lights. She spent her teenage years in the Austin, TX music scene where she met and worked with Clifford Antone of Antone’s Nightclub, and sang with the house band regularly. She also sang and played violin in a Mariachi band before finding her way to Portland, OR. It was here she met Michael David and eventually joined on as Brownish Black’s permanent backup singer (also singing leads).

Now in Tucson, Rosie feels at home in the Desert. She loves the desert landscape, environment, culture, and lifestyle, the saguaros, the sun and the sunsets, the beautiful monsoon season, stars, the coyotes
and the amazing desert people.

Together, they offer songs that blend the beauty of life’s most simple emotions which we all relate to, in the the style of Desert Romance. Hear the dust of the desert floor, the dirt and grit of the city streets, the monsoon rains and the wheels gripping the long highways. Let yourself into these stories and become a part of this one.
Thank you.