Esso / Caleb Gutierrez at PJ’s Lager House

Tue, Aug 16, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Tuesday, August 16 / 8pm / $5
Esso (Afrojam funkbeat)
Caleb Gutierrez (Latin soul)

Esso: Cultural consciousness, unity and celebratory dance are the ideals behind multicultural musical outfit ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat. The Chicago based ensemble perform a unique interfusion of Afro-Latin inspired compositions and jams. Influenced by the global troubadours and subversive thinkers of an emerging counterculture in the 70s and 80s, the band pays homage to the traditional and progressive while taking their own step forward.

The rustic rhythms of Fela spiced with the textures of Fania blend with an improvisational ritual resembling the Funk Brothers; all from the streets that birthed house music. ¡ESSO! has experimental roots with live musicians setting the stage for soul singers, “coro” group singing, and poetic emcees. This platform has cemented into a diverse group finding an outlet at global street festivals and venues with an impassioned heart on its studied sleeve.

What began as the house band for a live music night in downtown Chicago became a full band performing on the city’s global music scene. The cast of rotating members, pieced together from various recording projects and bands, changed from month to month until a solid foundation settled to host special guests and members. Co-founders, Armando Pérez and Kevin Miller, spearhead the group with a singular vision in focus. Both, with notable Chicago bands, Jugo de Mango and Suena Latin Jazz, respectively, bring experience and structure to the group. Along with an energetic pool of Djs, producers, organizers and bands of equal ilk, ¡ESSO! (El Sonido Sonic Octopus) began playing shows with emerging local talent and established artists alike.

¡ESSO! has performed with Alice Russell, Chicha Libre, Saul Williams, Anti-doping, Ricardo Lemvo, Cumbia Machin, Lido Pimienta and Boogat to name a few.