Halloween Spooktacular 2!

Fri, Oct 28, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Friday, October 28 / 8pm / $8
The Zotz (Punk/Pop/Garage/Rock)
Cinecyde (Punk/Garage)
The Luckouts (Rock & roll)
The Farleys (Punk/Rock)

There will be a costume contest with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

The Zotz formed in Spring 2015 originally as a 2-piece guitar, vocals and drums. After a few months of playing , Bobby and Shawn decided to broaden and fill in to complete the sound by adding a bass player. Within a few days of searching found the perfect fit. Adding Matthew to the group and coming together to create a unique sound reimiscent of the 70’s old school punk with hooks and relatable originals songs based on life experiences. They are fast, hard and fun. Simple and fast drum hits, dynamic leads with sarcastic and heartfelt vocals and rockin bass lines that cut through. The Zotz are a refreshing unique, but surprisingly familiar sound that will make you want to bop your head, tap your foot, shake your fist in the air, and smile, laugh, sing along and dance. Our live shows are always fun and we want to include our audience to join in and have as much fun as us.

The Zotz are all about having fun and playing some great rock n’ roll.

Cinecyde: For over 31 years Cinecyde have stalked the edges of the underground in a city famed for producing sounds that have both ruined and saved lives for decades. From the release of their first 45 in 1977 (Detroit’s first punk record ever!!) to this release they have remained determined. Why? Because, to paraphrase another man who made a buzz in Detroit by the name of John Lee Hooker, it’s in ’em and it’s got to come out.

I am more than pleased to say that time has not mellowed what made them great in the first place. Yes, while plenty of their contemporaries and influences have either faded away or embarrassed themselves into oblivion they have stayed. They won’t break. And, after being compiled more than once onto collections of obscure punk rock singles like the notorious “Killed By Death” series, they’re not content to just go thru the motions or rest on laurels.

This is, in my opinion, one of their most consistant albums since their first and brings to mind a lot of what made their early singles excellent. From the bone jarring kick off song that brings to mind some of their earliest efforts of bash and trash mutant metal machine gun music ala the earliest efforts of The Misfits if doused in toxic waste with a voice that could peel paint at 20 snot dripping paces to the smoother transistor trash nuggets like “Vice Police” it’s all there. And occasionally it all comes together in tunes like “I Just Talked To A Ghost” a fine piece of work that brings to mind some of their best tracks in memory.

Even better! They stick to their guns through it all. They could surely go for the cheap trick of speed for the sake of speed or churn out some sputum that matches the horrid sounds bleating out of your gutless radio as we speak. Nope. They remain Cinecyde. Trendless, timeless, perfect. Far better than the 10 or so discs from this week that are currently under a small mountain of cigarette butts, plastic wrap, and bottle caps. Why? Because at least once a month I am forced to listen to the same garbage you are . Clones of clones of ad nauseum. And here’s this band playing their guts out. They couldn’t do it any different if they tried. And they didn’t seem to care when you didn’t buy the last one because you wanted to buy the flavor of the month and I doubt they would start caring now.

If this sounds like fan boy rambling it kind of is. I am a fan. But, i’m not here to sell you a false bill of goods. I assure you that if you take the time to listen to this album you will find everything from snotty KBD punk rock (emphasis added to not confuse the latest batch of UK82 glue sniff wannabes) to some great “Nuggets” styled garage punk that would surely leave the no fi sham artists running for cover or at least covers… They will never play the Warped Tour. Not even a local date i’m sure. These Motor City muties ain’t no beach boys and girl… Well, maybe the beaches of lovely Zug Island (local borderline radioactive nightmare ala Three Mile Island but they still let people live near it). They will never play one of those punk oldies circuit fests like Holidays In The Sun because they never broke up.

Yessir! Instead of some junk from some band that haven’t played together in ages who hope to cash in you get a band that seems to be as fresh and vital as ever after 31 plus years. How often can you say that? Seriously. There’s Cinecyde and ummm wine and that’s about the only things that stay this good with age. Ladies and gents, from the ooze… Cinecyde.

The Luckouts formed in June of 2007, with Liz Scaris- taking a stab at lead vocals for the first time ever and playing some lead/rhythm guitar, she played Bass Guitar with “The Ruiners” for 8 years & has been influenced by female musicians such as Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, & Lita Ford. Liz wanted to give her song writing and vocals a try so she found seasoned Drummer Jim Faulkner and bassist Matt Harbison, they played as a 3-piece and wrote songs down in the basement until they got lead guitar player Gary Chechak in Sept 2008, he brought in his great song writing ability with him .In April of 2011 Matt left the band and on May 20, 2011 the Luckouts did their first show with new bassist Gretchen Domino…she too is a seasoned musician that played with bands such as “Huntress” “Spat” and many others. Gretchen( Fancy Pants) has a signature style of playing.

In early 2013, Jim and Gary parted amicably to devote time to ongoing personal projects and new drummer Dan Durecki Luckily answered Liz’s ad searching for replacements. Dan is a powerhouse drummer with some serious chops, and has played with some notable Detroit icons such as Bootsey X & The Lovemasters, The Luddites, and Jill Jack to name but a few. This new, rocking 3-piece line up works …If You Love Raw Detroit Rock & Roll with a Twist You will have to see & hear The Luckouts Live!!! This band is not one to be missed!

The Farleys: The band started in 1996 with Musta Farley playing guitar and Rasta Farley singing and doing poetry. Jimmy Danger played bass, and Chris Farley played drums. By 1999 Musta retired and Jimmy took over on guitar. In 2001 drummer Mark Kaster and bass player Kraig Collette were recruited. In 2010 drummer Mikey Mouth was hired, and in 2011 Kraig retired and bass player Pierre Pink was brought on board. In 2013 bassist Bob Noxious was added to the team.