Jennifer Hall / Dower Townes / Holly Bernt Band

Thu, Oct 13, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Thursday, October 13 / 8pm / $5
Jennifer Hall (Indie rock/Soul)
Dower Townes (Singer/Songwriter)
Holly Bernt Band (Americana)

Jennifer Hall is a Chicago based dynamic artist with soulful powerhouse vocals delivered with great passion and vulnerability.

With the intensity of Janis Joplin, the tenderness of Norah Jones, and experimental production stylings similar to the likes of St. Vincent, Jennifer Hall is truly unique. Since the release of her self titled EP in June 2015, Jennifer has continued to take the local music scene by storm, sharing great Chicago stages with artists like Vulfpeck, JC Brooks, and Matt Santos. She continues on her third 50 date national tour this year through December 2016.

In June 2016, Jennifer Hall returned to the Metro stage to sing with Eddie Vedder once more, Liz Phair, and Jimmy Chamberlin, for the Annual ‘Hot Stove, Cool Music’ Cubs charity concert benefitting unprivileged Chicago youth.

The future is bright for this buzzing artist.

From Colorado, Dower Townes now lives in Detroit, MI. His songs are inspired by the vast plains, empty deserts, and crumbling cities of the western landscape.

Holly Bernt was born in Minnesota but she moved to South Dakota at age five and then to Oregon when she was fourteen. She lived with her older brothers, baby sister, and her parents. Even when talking about her father now, Holly’s eyes brighten up. She recalls how he would just sit back and listen to her play piano for long amounts of time. At the age of six Holly would sit down at the piano and be able to play any song she had heard. At one point her mom signed her up for piano lessons but after getting rebuked about her form etc. by the teacher. Holly promptly quit and learned on her own. If you ask her now she would say that she is grateful to not have been stifled by music theory “my music comes through my soul not some notes on page”. Holly’s music is characterized by soft melodic chords and the often blues/jazz influenced guitar songs that rip the listener out of their comfort zone. Her music could be related to those such as Ingrid Michaelson, Joni Mitchell, and even Taylor Swift.

Music for Holly hit an all time high when she was sent to boarding school at the age of fifteen. The one place she felt solace was in the chapel at the piano. She spent many hours there and unknowingly developed her talent to a much greater level then before.

Holly Bernt is now 23 and lives in Rochester Michigan and works as a dental assistant. She attends Oakland University and will be graduating in the spring of 2011 with a double major in political science and psychology. Holly plans on taking the next year off to work on more music and figure out what the next step is. She has a passion for current events and the start up of a “Peaceful Revolution” through music and self-sustaining practices.

She plays guitar and sings original songs with such a powerful emotion, captivating anyone who listens to them. Writing has helped Holly go through many hard moments of her life through her lyrics. She defines writing as her coping mechanism and her preferred method of expression through both dark and light times. More recently she has used to music as information and to wake up people.

She says in her song, ‘The Real Thing’, “When the world gets me no-where, I know I’ve got the real thing.” No matter what life throws at Holly, she has no problem taking it with a smile. You can tell just by looking at her that Holly Bernt definitely has “the real thing.”