Kanem X & the May Moons / Lu Fuki & Divine Providence / Trey Priest / Kaj Althaus & Hotel Arch

Thu, Feb 22, 2018 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Thursday, February 22 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
$7 advance, $10 day of

Kanem X & the May Moons (Hard Rock/Hard Blues)
Lu Fuki & Divine Providence (Afro-Jazz/Soul/Funk)
Trey Priest (Blues/Rock/Hip hop)
Kaj Althaus & Hotel Arch (Alt-rock)

Kanem X: Kanem X & the May Moons center their sound around hard rock & blues, focusing on a fiery style of guitar playing. Their music takes an instant hold of your senses, navigating you through heartache, joy, perseverance, and passion. The pull inspiration from guitar heavy weights Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix. The band consists of Kanem X on lead guitar & vocals, Hootie Tunes on guitar & vocals, Borz the Boogieman on Bass, and Austin the Klip on Drums.

Lu Fuki & Divine Providence: Divine Providence is a collective of jazz and classical musicians formed by guitarist/bandleader Lu Fuki who felt the need to connect hearts through sound, for a challenging and uncertain time, in order to promote solidarity, freedom, and social action. Members of the band include Lu Fuki-Electric Guitar, Tazeen Ayub- Acoustic Guitar, Nur Dhul-Qarnayn- Drums, Joe Chase-Keys, Jonathon Mateen II-Bass, Aaron David Bush McCoy-Jacobs- Violin & Percussion, and Mike Monford- Saxophone.

Trey Priest: Blues. Rock. Hip-hop. This might be Trey Priest at the core, but there’s always more. Influenced from all styles of music, the singer/songwriter from Detroit actively performs as a solo artist and lead guitarist with fellow Detroit bands ONEFREQ and The NLR Experience. Beginning his journey on guitar in 2009, Trey has since then combined his instrumental flair with his ability as a lyricist. His inspiration lies in making his audience feel good, as well as pushing his own musical skills to the next level. Trey continues to share his gifts on a global scale as a full-time musician and locally as a part-time teacher for the next generation of artists.

Kaj Althaus and Hotel Arch are a local alternative band out of Ann Arbor that frequently incorporate characteristics of funk and hip hop. Made up of singer, songwriter and guitarist Kaj Althaus, bassist Costa Willets and drummer Colin Martin they have​​ been together for the past three years. They started as a cover group and eventually worked their way into song writing. This past November they released their debut EP “I’ll Try Anything Twice” and have been playing shows around southeastern Michigan.