MarBrisa / Mike Galbraith & James Anthony / T&A

Wed, Feb 22, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Wednesday, February 22 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
MarBrisa (Latin/Folk/Soul/Blues)
Mike Galbraith & James Anthony (Folk/Americana)
T&A (Folk-rock)

I am MarBrisa. This name comes from my musical roots in Guatemala, where I discovered my passion for performing and writing music. It translates into two Spanish root words Mar, meaning sea, and Brisa, meaning breeze, and together these words translate into water and wind, which ultimately means emotional flow. My music carries a lot of emotion and soul, similar to the emotional ruggedness of an ocean, and continues to evolve and move unpredictably like water in whichever form it is in. It also carries a softness to it as it flows to one’s soul, a breeze of musical edge to the ears. I hope to spark an emotion in the listener, inspire others to an artistic outlet, and exchange this international language of music to others. Please listen.

As a songwriter, Detroit’s Mike Galbraith owes as much to the Replacements as he does Bob Dylan, to Nirvana as much as Neil Young, to Calvin and Hobbes as Ernest Hemingway. Simple truths and insightful storytelling mark modern tales, oft beset by booze and heartbreak. No fat. No feathers.

“Mike Galbraith’s influences blend modern country-tinged indie-rock acts like Wilco, along with rustled-and-tumbled blues-pop flavors of The Replacements. When Galbraith belts a bluesy note, the whole room feels it, with this gravelly timbre that plucks at the heartstrings, while his main collaborator James Anthony strums a sublime lead along the frets of an accompanying guitar.”

— FADL Observer

T&A is the songwriting duo of Tom and Angela Sheppard.