Shady Groves / Hypoluxo / Dear Tracks / Mango Lane

Sat, Nov 12, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Saturday, November 12 / 8pm / $5
Shady Groves (Indie/Pop/Folk)
Hypoluxo (Experimental bedroom pop)
Dear Tracks (Shoegaze/Indie)
Mango Lane (Sex pop)

Shady Groves is a collective of Michigan based singer/songwriters and multi- instrumentalists founded in 2015 by Adam Fitzgerald, Dylan Caron & Jeff Yateman. The band jumps around the genre pool, as the project is collaborative. In the live band the three songwriters shared vocal duties while Yateman played drums, D. Caron & Fitzgerald the guitars. The three songwriters added Jamie Dulin to their line-up to play bass and saxophone and Colton Caron to play synth and keys. Each song is completely different from the next but the sound is distinct and uniquely Shady Groves.

The band parted ways with Jeff Yateman in August of 2016 amicably. Adam Fitzgerald, Dylan Caron, Jamie Dulin and Colt Caron are in preparations to release Shady Groves’ second album in 2017. The second Shady Groves LP will have original arrangements by all four musicians.

Hypoluxo: A certain melancholy lies in states of perpetual sleepiness, known all too well by Brooklyn romantics Hypoluxo, who use this to their benefit, and shape it into something other. The first single, entitled, “Directions,” off their forthcoming debut LP, If Language, traverses a dynamic line of weightless drifts and heavyhearted cooing. The soundscape is rooted in an allure whose nature is uncertain, or at least subjective to the listener, much like a dream, or a hallucinogenic trip. It’s simultaneously beautiful and lonely, tranquil and urgent. A soothing, liquid bassline floats atop uptempo drums, and it’s the makings of a euphoric phantasm, the tranquil setting of the psyche. Airy reverberating guitar ripples nicely in agreeable conjunction, a blithe walk on water with the god of your choice. But it’s a dubious comfort. The construction of synth melodies, along with singer Samuel Cogen’s funereal baritone humming, instill a looming despondency, indefinite but difficult to ignore, and dually adding to the song’s, and the band’s, good taste. The instruments meld together gorgeously and carry the sleeper to the song’s final note and the whole thing plays as a saddened awakening from a pleasant dream, or its reverse. (Impose Magazine)

Dear Tracks: Mixing jangly guitars, dreamy synths and drowned out vocals, Dear Tracks are the Grand Rapids, MI dream-pop band of Matt Messore and Victoria Ovenden. In the vein of dream-pop favorites such as Beach Fossils, Diiv, and Real Estate, Dear Tracks blend sunny and upbeat instrumentals with catchy melodies and washed out reverb. (

Mango Lane: We’re just a couple of guys doing our thing, writing music. Keeping it smooth and funky, peace and love