“The Art of Rock Climbing” Listening Party w/ DJ Butter / Boldy James / Kokane

Fri, Nov 4, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Friday, November 4 / 8pm
DJ Butter (Hip hop)
Boldy James (Rap)
Kokane (Hip hop/Funk/Soul)

Detroit Hip Hop Champion DJ Butter has celebrated the culture of his gritty city for two decades, giving platforms to artists to feature their music through mixtapes, magazines and video. A pioneer of Hip Hop multimedia and master turntablist, he has kept his ear to the streets as one of the city’s top tastemakers for the new and developing artists.

In 2014, DJ Butter continues to work hard to uplift the Motor City’s Hip Hop legacy, with the release of his new album “A Piece Of The Action” with DJ Dez (Slum Village) to be released in April. The project will feature some of the best emcees from the city over production by these two veteran architects of the Detroit sound.

“Detroit music is from the soul,” says DJ Butter. “From R&B to Hip Hop, our history here is amazing.”

Born and raised in Detroit, DJ Butter formed his label Crazy Noise Productions to independently produce his own mixtapes, including the classics “Kill The DJ” (2000) and “S#!THAPPENS” (2001), which featured tracks from Eminem, D12, Royce Da 5’9”, Slum Village and more. As a music producer, he has collaborated on projects with over 200 Detroit artists like Obie Trice, Miz Korona, Strike, the Mountain Climbaz and members of D12.

“Creating mixtapes made me have my own radio station,” he says, “I developed my own network to bring my own unity through my music and mixes.”

He has rocked live stages with artists like E-40, Guilty Simpson, D12 (Eminem’s Super group), Jim Jones & Dipset, Junior Reed, as well as Detroit legends Esham and Street Lordz, earning his reputation as one of the city’s finest live DJs. In 2012, he collaborated with Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, mother of the late great J Dilla, as A&R for the “Rebirth Of Detroit” album, which featured over 30 of the city’s finest rappers.

DJ Butter has released over 250 mixtape titles to date, which have been featured in magazines like The Source and Murder Dog, as well as websites like AllHipHop.com an full page in the Detroit News Paper. He is also in production with the documentary “7 Mile Strip”, a film that will tell his story growing up in Detroit and rising up with many of the city’s greatest talents, a true insider look at Motown Hip Hop culture.

“Detroit history is so rich in every way,” says DJ Butter. “I really live in this city and love the culture to the fullest. Every bit of it.

Boldy James, the blue-collar Detroit rapper who made noise last year with his Consignment, Favor For A Favor: The Redi-Rock Mixtape and high-profile collaborations with The Alchemist and The Cool Kids, announces his commercial debut with the Grand Quarters EP, due March 5th on Decon.

The EP, a lead-in to an Alchemist-produced LP later this year, is titled after a once bustling and illustrious Detroit night spot that fell into disrepair, a beacon of blight who’s reference is employed as a reminder of neglected majesty and and the work ethic it takes to overcome at any cost.

Perched above a crumbling city and documenting the ongoings, James personifies that ambition.

Boldy’s is a uniquely paired-down style, relatively barren beats propped up by stanzas that fill it’s vacancies, devoid of shiny alloys.

He’s a deft storyteller, spitting deceptively bare-bones bars with a distinct midwestern lean over icy instrumental avenues produced by his cousin, Chuck Inglish (formerly of the The Cool Kids), Chicago duo Blended Babies, and Huntsville heat-makers Block Beattaz.
Neighbors Peechie Green, Poppy Bricks, and Kevo Da Kid make their presence known- Boldy is in good company in a town that many fled and Grand Quarters is evidence that Detroit’s not going anywhere. (Decon Records)

“…he’s a rapper for whom content is style, whose subtle poetic gifts are dependent on the seeming veracity of the concrete heart of the stories he tells.” – Pitchfork

Kokane has been involved with the music industry since the dawn of “Hip Hop”. For 20 years he has managed to stay consistent in the industry. He is recognized as the most featured artist in the world. He has worked with such artist as: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eazy E { NWA }, Ice Cube, P Diddy, Busta Rhymes, 2 Pac, Cypress Hill, DMX, Jada Kiss, 50 Cent {G Unit }, Young Buck, George Duke & Stanley Clark { some of the great jazz musicians }, George Clinton { Parliament }, Bootsy Collins { Parliament }, Bernie Burrel { Parliament }, Larry Blackman { Cameo }, Rafael Sadek { Toni Tone Tony} & many more.

He is the son of Motown staff composer/arranger “ Jerry B. Long Sr.” his works include { “Ball of Confusion”, “Just My Imagination”, “Still Waters Run Deep” } and many more. Jerry B. Long Jr’s life has always included music, mainly the old school funk of the 70’s , mid – 80’s as rap was first appearing in his native Los Angeles, although Jerry was originally born in Bronxville, New York. This led to him eventually signing to Eazy E’s Ruthless Record’s label in 1991’. In addition to co-writing “Appetite for Destruction” for NWA’s Niggaz 4 Life, Kokane also contributed to other West Coast rap albums such as Above the Law’s “Black Mafia Life”. His first solo single was “Nickel Slick Nigga” which appeared on the “Deep Cover Soundtrack” as well as his debut album for Ruthless/ Epic Records, “Who Am I.” His second album for Ruthless, “Funk Upon A Rhyme”, appeared in 1994’, the album made a huge impact oversea’s and now is rare collectors album which sells for $100.00 or more on Ebay, the album is also in reproduction in Japan. He appeared in late 1999 with a solo album on Eureka Records “They Call Me Mr. Kane”, yet this album never escaped the underground. Ironically, it was on the L.A. posse track found on Dr. Dre’s 2001’ album, “ Some L.A. Niggaz”. Kokane scored big; this encounter with Dre’s camp led to his relationship with Snoop, who signed him to Dogghouse Records, bringing him a renewed sense of promise to Kokane’s long running career.

In 2000’ he was a major part of the success of Snoop Dogg’s “Tha Last Meal.” He appeared on 9 song features of the extremely successful album. His eccentric vocal approach is half fluid rapping and half weird P-funk influenced singing. This balance made Kokane a perfect choice to lay down the vocal hooks for Snoop’s album. After leaving DoggHouse Records he continues to work and appear on many successful records.

Due to the controversy of his stage name “Kokane” he ran into some road blocks in the music industry, but his passion for music did not allow circumstances to overcome him. He had to work twice as hard in the music industry and finally found a safe haven through guest appearances on gold & platinum records. Through the transition of the music industry & its pitfalls; the artist known as “Kokane” went into a short isolation period to where it allowed him to have atonement for himself and take care of his beautiful wife & eight wonderful children, to redirect his steps towards “The Lord”. Presently, Kokane has a new album dropping May 25, 2010 called “Gimme All Mine” with first single dropping April 20,1991 called “Twilight Zone” on his own Label Bud E Boy Entertainment with Erik “Mr.E” Ramos in conjunctions with Bonzi/RobRacks/Fontana. Legendary!