The Detroit Dives (Record Release) / The Haley Riots / Mom Barley

Fri, Sep 8, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Friday, Sept. 8 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
The Detroit Dives (Soul/Rock/Punk)
The Haley Riots (Pub Rock/Motown/British Invasion/New Wave)
Mom Barley (Twangy indie rock)

The Detroit Dives: Sometimes, a good rock band is as simple as three guys and a good hook. For power trio The Detroit Dives, this is the golden rule.

The Detroit Dives are veteran Detroit rockers Kevin Perri (The Junk Monkeys) on bass, Andrew Pike (The Black Mollies) on drums, and Ron McPherson (Joint Chiefs of Detroit, Sunday Painters) on vocals and guitar.

Although each song on the band’s debut release “Magnificent Desolation” has a distinct mood, sometimes fun and irreverent, sometimes serious and searching, the continuity that bonds the work is the band’s signature sound: driving riffs, compelling lyrics and a presentation that is unmistakably rock and roll. Case in point: “Second Man.” The song is a subtle but clever ode to astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. The song’s arrangement takes multiple dips and turns, but never veers off course. Throughout the album, the mood shifts in varying directions—“Whiskey Talking” and “Wild Flower” are on opposite ends of the spectrum thematically—but the sound throughout is always distinctly The Detroit Dives.

“Magnificent Desolation” was the first stop for the band, but it is clearly not the final destination. According to Ron McPherson, what inspires the trio most is the how well they read each other in the moment. The songs on their soon to be released EP, “House Caught Fire” are a result of that synergy. Although each player brings his own taste and background in music: Perri’s penchant for the Clash and The Replacements goes toe-to-toe with Pike’s partiality for the Ramones and The Dead Boys, while McPherson’s is deeply rooted in Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones—the trio’s synthesis comes from their ability to meet in the middle.

“From the first time we got in the same room and fired up the amps, we knew it was going to work. We always seem to pick up on each other’s vibe,” says McPherson. “The songs we write and record are a direct result of jams during our rehearsals, and that’s exactly what a rock and roll band is supposed to do”.

Because sometimes that’s all you need: three guys and a good hook.

The Haley Riots: “Nothing After 1979 (Unless We Feel Like It).”

Mom Barley: We just want to rock your ears and make you feel something inside with good music and great vibes. A blend of rock, alternative, blues and folk with dual lead guitars and vocal harmonies standing out and a rhythm section that will keep your head bobbing and your feet tapping. come check out a show and see for yourself!