The Erers / mr.phylzzz / After Dark Amusement Park

Sat, Jul 22, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Saturday, July 22 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
The Erers (Heavy rock n roll/Riff rock)
mr.phylzzz (Lowfi/Trash Rock/Garage)
After Dark Amusement Park (Indie)

The ERERs, pronounced with a silent ‘er’ (erz), are a rock trio hailing from Detroit, Michigan.  The band does not derive from lingustic filler, nor from a town in central Ethiopia, but from its frontman, Matt Riesterer.

Riesterer began writing his own songs while playing in another Detroit rock group where he met drummer Chris Fichter.  After jamming with Fichter, they brought in bassist Jamison Winterbottom Mosshart, who was working on a blues project with Fichter. He quickly proved to be the missing piece of the group.  They jammed, they recorded, and Appollo gave his benediction.  The ERERs were born.

They booked their first show at Small’s, only two months into rehearsal and followed Detroit’s reputation with a powerful high energy stage presence that drew a big crowd. Since then the ERERs have played in dive bars, college bars, basements, and well known venues from St. Andrew’s Hall to Small’s, The Magic Stick to The Loving Touch and have supported national acts such as Jeff the Brotherhood, Southern Culture on the Skids, Dopapod and The Kills for their SOLD OUT show at St. Andrews Hall.

Combining elements of psychedelic rock with groovy rythms of Motown, the ERERs envelop the audience in abrasive and trancelike heavy blues riffs and lyrics that could have been written by Matthew  McConaughey.  Their influences and understanding of the craft produces an amainzg mix of genres.

The band is known for its stage presence led by Riesterer, whose performance style is best described as a marionetter unstrung and whose vocals can be electrifying one minute and plaintive the next.  Then there is the towering 6’4″ bassist, Jamison Mosshart.  Stampedes of rhythm issue forth from Mosshart’s bass as he nimbly headbangs a snarl of black hair across the stage.  Finally, there is Chris Fichter.  When Fichter is on stage, it seems as if the drum kit echoes to the edge of the universe.  His percussion is wild yet precise, like John Bonham combined with Animal from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

They prefer that the music speaks for itself…

mr.phylzzz: ex members of the Cincinnati rock outfit The Killtones (Clinton Jacob and Ray Redmon) formed a side project called mr.phylzzz. what else do you need to know but that. we make music and put it out. the end.

After Dark Amusement Park: indy rock with hint of beauty and a dash of glam.