The Imaginatron, Lt. Bad, Richard Album, Katy Albert

Thu, Aug 3, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 12:00am

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The Imaginatron
Is a cosmic entity through which slightly and drastically alternative realities are filtered into ours.
The Imaginatron the Band named after this entity. They are a synth Punk ritual and art experience using Glitchy Waves, Noisy Flamconstein Guitar rips, Higgs Boson Triggering Percussive invocations, and cathartic cosmic entanglement dance steps to Provoke and Appease the aforementioned entity. Try it Now!

Lt. Bad
Detroit-based Lt.baD was formed in 2012 as a tribute to classic 1980’s electrofunk. Starting as a DJ-based duo, members All Classic and Schlüssel Von Zauber released two mixtapes in preparation for their eponymous debut in June 2013, featuring 9 original compositions. A handful of shows followed, and Lt.baD quickly returned to the studio to develop their second album, The Crackdown, released in 2014.

Lt.baD released their third album of original music, Electromagnetic, in 2015; a song-focused collection of funk and pop, it features collaborations with Duane the Brand New Dog and Blunt Technics, among other Detroit artists.
Currently, the act is sequestered in their private studio exploring sounds for a future release and are rumored to have recorded between 60-80 new demos.

RICHARD ALBUM, a pop-star persona who has been dazzling audiences around the world since 2012. for this trip, i’ll be performing solo as RICHARD and it will be quiet-ish and quite theatrical. some hints…

KATY ALBERT, does performance art that uses a lot of humor and audience interaction. she has delighted audiences in houses, galleries, and rock clubs. very fun vibe. some of her work…