The Imaginatron / Richard Album / Katy Albert / Lt.baD

Thu, Aug 3, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

Thursday, August 3 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $6
The Imaginatron (Yes wave)
Richard Album (Indie pop)
Katy Albert (Art)
Lt.baD (Electrodelic Boombox Funk)

The Imaginatron is an all-expansive node of energies thrusting forth from the infinite realities. The band The Imaginatron is a tribute to this entity..

Richard Album: “Chicago’s reigning matinee idol.” Power pop hero/villain, appearing live with The Singles… Sometimes.

Katy Albert is half of Mothergirl, a performance duo living and working in Chicago, IL. Our work has taken the form of installation, durational event, and guided audience interaction. The work frequently uses humor to deconstruct and render absurd various tacitly held ideals that we (Katy and Sophia) encounter in our own lives. These performances relate  to consumerist impulses, such as in our conceptual garage sales, feminist and feminine tropes, such as in our Stop Performing series, and/or to our personal relationships and collaboration, such as in If You See Two Of Something, Buy It.

Detroit-based duo Lt.baD was formed in 2012 as a tribute to early eighties boogie, electro, and breakdance music. Following a summer of intensive recording sessions, they completed a 9-song album of original music, released June 4, 2013 via iTunes.
Lt.baD has previously released mixtapes of favorite tracks from the classic breakdance era interspersed with original material. Their periodic DJ sets draw from a large body of funk, classic soul, quiet storm, and disco, and often include semi-live versions of Lt.baD originals.