WHFR Indie Rock Compilation Benefit

Sat, Apr 29, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Saturday, April 29 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
The Zotz (Punk/Pop/Garage rock)
The Seatbelts (Rock)
Caveman & Bam Bam (Punk rock)
Rogue Satellites (post-punk/psychedelic/shoegaze)
Zombie Jesus & the Chocolate Sunshine Band (Rock N Roll)

The Zotz formed in Spring 2015 originally as a 2-piece guitar, vocals and drums. After a few months of playing , Bobby and Shawn decided to broaden and fill in to complete the sound by adding a bass player. Within a few days of searching found the perfect fit. Adding Matthew to the group and coming together to create a unique sound reimiscent of the 70’s old school punk with hooks and relatable originals songs based on life experiences. They are fast, hard and fun. Simple and fast drum hits, dynamic leads with sarcastic and heartfelt vocals and rockin bass lines that cut through. The Zotz are a refreshing unique, but surprisingly familiar sound that will make you want to bop your head, tap your foot, shake your fist in the air, and smile, laugh, sing along and dance. Our live shows are always fun and we want to include our audience to join in and have as much fun as us.

The Seatbelts: Hailing from the mean streets of the Motor City, The Seatbelts originated way back in 1977. The group cut their teeth playing clubs and concerts in and around the Michigan area, opening for acts like the Romantics, Destroy All Monsters, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, and many other titans of the local music scene. Before long, the band found themselves headlining shows. The group spent some time touring nationally, playing venues such as the venerable Max’s Kansas City in NYC. The group’s first single was produced by none other than former guitarist for the Stooges, Destroy All Monsters, and Dark Carnival, the late Ron Asheton. All good things must come to an end, however, and the band went their separate ways with the dawn of a new decade.

Fast forward nearly thirty years. The band reformed in 2010 with original members Greg Upshur (vocals), Skid Marx (bass) and Tony Bojanic (drums) along with new members guitarists Derek Murtagh and John Whalen. The band has been going strong ever since, gigging and releasing their first full length album Joy Ride in 2013. Thirty years older and wiser, the Seatbelts continue to rock!

Caveman & Bam Bam: “Crude has never been so charming. Loud rambunctiousness never so lovable. By day, Frank Woodman is a (relatively) mild-mannered registered nurse at St. John Hospital & Medical Center. But in truth, he never truly steps out of his alter ego, the Caveman, constantly hungry to get back out into the wilds of local stages, armed with a guitar, and backed by a consummate rock drummer (Brandon Moss) who shares his enthusiasm for costume-clad tribal theater.” (Jeff Milo, Detroit Free Press)

Rogue Satellites: Jaye Thomas and Lisa Poszywak of Detroit’s Rogue Satellites started working together in 2011. Since then, their evolving post-punk sound has been captured on two full-length records, Other Angels (2013) and Bees and Snakes (2015), as well as a 7”, entitled Double A Side (2014).

Their most recent album, Bees and Snakes (recorded as Space Camp Studios) draws influence from 60’s psychedelic pop as well as late 70’s post-punk. Dark, noisy, pop songs abound, the album is an epic whole comprised of succinct parts. The tracks have a raw, organic feel, while making use of negative space and clean lines. The lyrical content moves between the real and the surreal, exploring dark psychological themes.

Currently, Rogue Satellites continues to play shows and tour regionally in support of Bees and Snakes. They are also working on new music for future releases.

Zombie Jesus & the Chocolate Sunshine Band: Undoubtedly fate (Craigslist) brought together this unique musical experience formed in May of 2010. Zombie Jesus and the Chocolate Sunshine Band use a simple and fun, yet secret recipe to combine heartfelt pain, happiness and humor with fun rock ‘n’ roll.