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Tuesday, November 28 / 6pm / No cover

Hi, join us for a night of food eating and ping pong at the Lager House on Tuesday, November 28th.


Salmon Camembert Mazemen (Sichuan peppercorn cured salmon with a brown sugar soy Camembert sauce)

Chicken Karaage Bao (steamed bun with Japanese style fried chicken and wasabi ranch)

Agedashi Tofu [vegan option available)

Kale Salad with tahini miso dressing

Kabocha No Nimono (simmered squash) 

We are sponsoring a Ping Pong tournament beginning at 9pm. Make sure to sign up before the tournament begins! The winner gets a prize. Last month’s winner = WILL BURKE!

Jay behind the bar!


Saturday, November 25 / $7 adv, $10 day of

Rockabilly Resurgence II: Rockabilly & Roots Festival

Cheri Clair and Warped Rose Entertainment Present Rockabilly Resurgence II Rockabilly & Roots Festival Hosted by Sheldon Kay at PJ’s Lager Houseon Saturday, November 25th!

This is the second go-round for the Rock & Roll Lawyer, Sheldon Kay — who will MC the event — and Cheri Clair, as they produced the first edition of Rockabilly Resurgence in 2011 at Dino’s Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan!

At Rockabilly Resurgence II, we’ll have the most diggable Rockabilly bands serving up prime tunage for your delighted listening and dancing pleasure. (The Hi-Views, Death by Rodeo, and Parking Lots from Traverse City are confirmed!)

We’ll have sexy burlesque broads performing — Sophia Von Stardust will perform along with Sheldon’s fave, Lushes Lamoan — while the singular J-Rose spins!

In this incarnation of the Resurgence, we’ll feature some very Roots-y and inspiring artists: The Codgers and Vernon David are on board!

Never fret, kids, there will be a jam led by Sheldon at the end of the night! Remember, he IS a lawyer, and he DOES rock and roll!

Ten bucks at the door gets you into this banger or you can grab some discounted presale tickets online for just $7 each, with no fees!

Hope to see you on November 25th!


Friday, November 24 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Laura Rain & the Caesars (Blues/Soul)

Detroit’s Laura Rain and the Caesars transform funky soul and r&b into their own unique vision. Inspired by the spirit of classic recordings of a bygone era, Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression with a powerful and soulful voice.

Formed in the Motor City in 2012 with her husband George Friend, the pair set off on a creative journey writing and recording their own music. The two garnered many accolades within the music press and radio with their debut release “Electrified” in 2013.

Performing with a stripped down lineup of organ, guitar and drums the band developed it’s signature sound, and cultivated a vintage toned energetic foundation.

The second release “Closer” (2014) expanded the sound exposing the bands’ love for Memphis soul, juke-joint blues and tough Detroit funk and r&b. Starting in 2014, the band began touring heavily within the U.S. and Canada. Starting in Chicago with regular appearances at the House of Blues and Buddy Guy’s Legends, Laura Rain has stunned audiences with her intensity and powerful voice.

Performing in over 25 states from California to New York, the band has delighted audiences with their dynamic performances. Featured at the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, Marquette Area Blues Festival, Edmonton Blues Festival, the Legendary Blues Cruise and many other top tier clubs and festivals, Laura Rain and the Caesars continue to grow making new friends and fans along the way.

In October 2015, the release of the third album “Gold” broadened their audience considerably thanks to substantial Triple A airplay of the single “Work so Hard” (a pounding homage to Motown). “Gold” also propelled Laura Rain onto the national radio charts making the top 50 on Roots Music Report for numerous months, and holding at #1 in the state of Michigan for over a year! 2016 highlights also included a tour of France and winning a prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Blues Songwriters.”

With the upcoming release of the fourth recording “Walk with Me,” Laura Rain pushes the envelope of her unique soul music. Channeling inspiration from Detroit’s long history of dance music, funk, blues, soul and r&b, Laura Rain gives modern music a raw, yet sophisticated shot of much needed authenticity and heart.


Wednesday, November 22 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
Jackson & the Poolsharks (Power pop/Rock)
The Faux Montreux (Rock/Glam punk)
The Zannies (Alternative rock)
Jesse & the Gnome (Indie rock)

Jackson and the Poolsharks center around the stylings of Detroit-based songwriter Daniel Jackson. While remaining reverent to the southern rock and blues records his highly musical family exposed him to at a young age (i.e. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones), Jackson includes the more contemporary post punk and power pop influences he explored later in his formative years. The result is a punky yet groovy, dirty yet pop-sensible hybrid which Jackson can claim entirely as his own.

Jackson and the Poolsharks will be releasing their debut full length record in the coming months, which tells stories of heartache and lost love. But with such infectious melodies, it’s hard not to want to stomp your foot and shout along.

The Faux Montreux: Mixing ingredients from a plethora of former Detroit bands, The Faux Montreux is a high octane collaborative that is both powerful and just what we all needed to break the redundancy which is rock music these days…..Dark, emotional and turned up to 11 you will leave feeling like you actually listened to and felt something real!!!!!

The Zannies began as an indie solo project by Ben Steer in early 2013, who learned classical guitar at the age of 12 and began writing and self-producing music at age 17. When childhood friends Eric Satterlee and Peter Slack invited Steer to play bass for an afternoon jam session, he began studying the instrument and quickly gained an affinity for slap and funk technique inspired by bassists like Victor Wooten and Les Claypool.

Today, The Zannies are recognized for a signature bass-driven hard rock style and a wide range of songwriting, from a 12-bar blues progression to punk rock to psychedelic. The band has been described as “blues punk” for their use of pentatonic guitar solos over a punchy rhythm section and blunt vocals.

Lyrically, The Zannies’ songs are personal stories guised with humour and sarcasm, with clever hooks and earworms woven between heartbreak and the confusion of growing up. Their live performances have been described as fun, energetic, and even ballsy. Since the addition of drummer Josh Worsham, formerly of Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish (Grand Rapids rockabilly), the outfit has further progressed to an alternative sound likened to Incubus, Artic Monkeys, and Cake, with the freedom of a jam band that is never afraid to put a new spin on their material.

Jesse and The Gnome reunion show!! Jesse and the Gnome consisted of former members of The Satin Peaches, Mick Bassett & the Marthas, and JSB Squad. They formed in December of 2010 and played 57 shows before disbanding in June of 2012.

Show the Love Benefit ft. Luther “Badman” Keith

Tuesday, November 21 / 6pm doors, 7pm music
$15 adv, $20 door / Tickets
Luther “Badman” Keith (Blues)

A fundraiser for out-of-work journalists so they can continually change the world.

Sponsored by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide.

Luther “Badman” Keith: His vocals have been compared to Jimi Hendrix, his guitar style and energy to Luther Allison with a songwriting gift and sense of humor all his own. All this from a guy who didn’t pick up a guitar until he was past 30 years old and didn’t play his first professional gig until he was well into his 40s.

“No, it wasn’t a midlife crisis thing,” Keith explains, “It just took me that long to figure out that playing the blues was part of what I was born to do. It just wasn’t part of my life plan when I started out. . The only thing I played when I was growing up was the radio and baseball.”

The Badman has come a long way in a short time. Instead of being a guy who grew up playing the guitar, Keith studied journalism and was a successful newspaper executive and columnist. He became a convert and an apostle for the blues after attending a concert by the legendary Luther Allison and decided on the spot that he wanted to become a bluesman.

“I was awful for a long time, but too stubborn to give up,” he said. “One day someone said I was starting to sound decent and I should put a band together and put out a CD.”

The rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

A native of Detroit, Keith released his third CD, Blues Nation, to widespread critical acclaim and was nominated for two Detroit Music Awards in 2011 (he now has five nominations). He has won songwriter awards, represented Detroit as the city’s top blues band at the International Blues Challenge and even played for Morgan Freeman, a big blues fan, at the actor’s Ground Zero blues club in Memphis.

Keith uses blues, funk and rock to craft songs that put a smile on your face, like Menopause Woman or Barbecue Baby, delves into the meaning of life with tunes like Life got In The Way and What’s The Use, and flat out rocks on songs like Blues Nation, Badman and What Happened to Rock N Roll.

On Blues Nation, Keith takes listeners on a sonic journey across America, mixing Latin and Afro grooves, exploring the impact of blues on lives and lifestyles in our nation. He even created a Blues Anthem, mixing Muddy Waters with the National Anthem, and a Blues Nation Pledge.
‘It might be called a mini-concept album,” Keith said.

“I mix a lot of styles but it all comes back to the blues,” he added. “Blues is a lot like hot sauce. Whatever you put it on, it’s gonna make it taste – or sound – better.

“I often get told by people that they don’t like the blues, but they like what I do. I just try to be myself and put my own flavor on the music.”