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Gabriel Brass Band / DeSoto Drive / Rickshaw Boy

Saturday, December 30 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $10
Gabriel Brass Band (New Orleans jazz/Funk)
DeSoto Drive (Americana)
Rickshaw Boy

The Gabriel Brass Band have been known to make even the stiffest crowd move their feet! This Brass Band honors the rich history of New Orleans music while bringing fun and funk to you live and direct!Spear headed by 5th generation musician Dameon Gabriel, with a few Gabriel family members and a host of close friends, they continue the New Orleans flavor that the Gabriel family brought to the Motor City in the 1940’s via New Orleans. The musical Gabriel’s date back to 1850s New Orleans.

This Motor City music family maintains a living connection to New Orleans family members Charlie Gabriel (Preservation Hall Jazz Band) and Louis Ford maintaining roots back home in the Crescent City as we all move musically into the future.

For more information about the Gabriel family history please reference Gabriel Music Society.

DeSoto Drive is a original rock, blues, and Americana band from the Detroit area.

The Second Annual Winter Whizbang ft. Ryan Dillaha & the Miracle Men, John Holk & the Sequins, and Black Tie Circus

Friday, December 29 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $7
Ryan Dillaha & the Miracle Men (Americana/Country/Rock and Roll)
John Holk & the Sequins (Psychedelic Country/Western)
Black Tie Circus (Rock/R&B)

Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men are a working class rock and roll band that was formed in 2012 in Detroit Michigan. They immediately began making a name for themselves in the local music scene and gained a well deserved reputation for rollicking, whiskey-fueled performances. Critical praise for Dillaha’s songwriting has noted his careful word play and catchy hooks. The band’s members have been in some of the most respected and seminal bands of the Michigan music scene. They have toured all over the mid-western United States and opened for artists such as The Bottle Rockets, Justin Townes Earle, Lydia Loveless, JD Wilkes and The Dirt Daubers, Whitey Morgan, Mountain Heart, The Banditos, and Cale Tyson, while they continue to fill local venues.

John Holk & the Sequins were formed to be the world’s first psychedelic honky tonk band. Drawing equal inspiration from Hank Williams, Big Star and The Byrds, the Sequins helped galvanize a burgeoning Detroit Honky Tonk Scene as hosts of the legendary “Honky Tonk Tuesday” series at Club Bart in Ferndale ca. 2008-2011. Their self-released 2010 record “If You See Her” (Hole-Key) was described as “The twang-pop record of 2010” by absolutepowerpop.com, and was nominated by the Detroit Music Awards for Best Country Album. Boasting some of the area’s finest working musicians, John Holk & The Sequins are currently working on their second record and playing shows all over Michigan and beyond. The band’s stripped-down alter-ego, John Holk & the Kinfolk, play a folky blend of bluegrass, murder ballads and blood harmony favorites.

Black Tie Circus: Ferndale rootsy R&B band that draws influences from The Band, Elton John, Prince, The Police, Amy Winehouse, The Black Keys, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, John Mayer, Parliament-Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Bob Marley.


Saturday, December 23 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Chris Casello (Roots/Rockabilly)
Laurence Miller & the Love Maniacs (Hard rock/R&B)
Jennifer Westwood & the Handsome Devils (Rock/Soul/Americana)

Chris Casello: It’s nearly 3am New Year’s Day 2014 in an underground club in Stuttgart Germany, a mixed crowd of hep cats and chicks, hipsters and even some squares from all over the world are yelling and stamping their feet to call him back. Only an hour earlier the champagne was gone and the excitement seemed to be slowing down, but now the crowd is going wild demanding yet another encore…

In just two days time Chris Casello will be back in Nashville Tennessee knocking out the crowds in the downtown honky tonks.

Guitarist Chris Casello is one the most dynamic and entertaining guitarist in the world of roots music today. Casello takes his influences from Les Paul and Chet Atkins to Chuck Berry and Link Wray, multitasking guitar, steel and vocals in a high energy swinging rockabilly blues explosion.

Originally from the Detroit area, Chris has worked with dozens of artists and toured the world, specializing in roots styles from swing, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, and country.

Chris Casello has been honored as the # 1 Honky-Tonk Hero 2011 by the Best Of Nashville Scene and has been listed among the Top 10 Best Dressed in Nashville by MyFashionMaven.com! Casello has been honored by Detroit Metro Times polls in the jazz, country and rock categories and was recently nominated in the Best Musician category for Austin’s International Ameripolitan Awards 2014. Chris is a second generation inductee into The Rockabilly Hall of Fame and is a Kentucky Colonel.

The last decade has seen many celebrated names sitting in with Chris Casello and the boys at Roberts Western World In Music City : Lee Roy Parnell, Mel Tillis, The Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz, Katie Morgan, Brooks and Dunn, Kid Rock, Sam Bush, Joe Nichols, The Mavericks, Jeanie C. Riley, Jack Greene, Hal Ketchum, John Rich, Dierks Bentley, etc. Chris has also jammed with greats like Vince Gill, T. Graham Brown, Ronnie Bowman, Albert Lee, James Burton, The Texas Tornados, Connie Smith and others on the road and in the studio.

Chris has worked professionally with Carlene Carter, Wanda Jackson, Mark Collie, Wayne Hancock, David Ball, BR549, Los Straitjackets, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Trisha Yearwood, Stonewall Jackson, Crystal Gayle, Tommy Tutone, Jim Ed Brown, Don Maddoxx, Marty Stuart, Rosie Flores, Carolina Rain and many others.

Chris Casello has enjoyed long working relationships with Sun, Fortune and Motown Artist Johnny Powers and many other pioneers including Jack Scott, Billy Lee Riley and Bo Diddley to name only a few.

Any Chris Casello show always features mind boggling guitar and stage tricks so embedded in American roots you can smell the greens and taste the hot sauce.

The Chris Casello Story

The odyssey that is the Chris Casello career began playing classic rock n roll in Ann Arbor Michigan, USA, the burgeoning socio-political and musical centerpiece of the Midwest.

When Chris was 8 years old he got a guitar and an Elvis Presley record for Christmas. From that day on he was hooked. By the time Chris was a teenager he was playing in the big rock clubs of Detroit. Casello learned from and played with many motor city artists from The Stooges, MC5, Mitch Ryder, Commander Cody and Motown’s roster , eventually joining the now legendary garage gods, The Watusies. This led to a stint in The Urbations supporting Bo Diddley and Martha Reeves.

Inevitably the influence of his hometown kicked in and his rockabilly journey began. The long hair was replaced by the famous pompadour that he still sports to this day. Chris studied blues and jazz and hillbilly music and his path became clear: Play American Style. Chris embraced the concept of bringing yourself to the tune instead of playing cover songs exactly how they were played on the radio. There was no going back.

Casello studied jazz guitar under Johnny Lawrence and jammed in David Swain’s II-V-I Orchestra. He played in various bands doing everything from country to blues to surf music and recorded with The Prodigals (Happy Hour Records). Chris also began teaching guitar to up to 70 students a week at the famed Herb David Guitar Studio.

Chris formed The Starlight Drifters in the late 1990s. Swing was flourishing again and the band toured all over the USA appearing at many festivals, released several albums and many of their songs were used in film. Their musicianship and great visual performance meant they survived the death of the swing revival movement. They became Jack Scott’s backup band and later Johnny Powers’. Casello took on a more prominent vocal role and began to master what he’s now well known for – multi-tasking the steel guitar with incredible lead guitar licks. The Starlight Drifters final CD 13 to Go was released on Rollin Rock in 2001 to exceptional reviews and later released on the Scana label abroad.

Chris discovered the Starlight Drifters were popular in Nashville clubs and on WSM radio so in late 2003 he made the move south, reforming the Starlight Drifters with Mark Winchester from The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Mark Horn from the Derailers. This rockabilly combo eventually became the Chris Casello Trio, later replacing Mark Horn with Jimmy Lester (Los Straitjackets) and Mark Winchester with Dave Roe (Johnny Cash) and Johnny G. d’Artenay. Roberts Western World became home-away-from-home and Chris also joined the house band, Brazilbilly.

Since 2005, Casello has appeared multiple times on The Grand Ol’ Opry and the Lincoln Center in New York City. He has made dozens of trips to Europe with Carlene Carter, Jack Scott, BR549, Johnny Powers, Wayne Hancock and The Real Elvis Tribute tours as well as doing his own shows and European tours. Casello has also appeared in music videos and on theatre stages.

More recently, analog recording and production have become a new love. Working exclusively on tape, Casello has released four albums under his own name. He has produced and collaborated with Sue Moreno (Jungle Records), produced Matt Butcher’s album, ‘The Kids are Gone’. Recently he produced and arranged for Johnny Powers on the Jack White Tribute Album (Cleopatra).

Chris Casello tours and performs live in the USA and Europe with the Chris Casello Trio, Brazilbilly, Johnny Powers and his new surf/instrumental band, The Sabres. Chris works as a session player, writes his own material and teaches guitar using the Chris Casello System.

‘If you’ve ever had your mind blown by a guitarist who looks a little like Silvio from The Sopranos, then you know the guy. Whether he’s fronting his trio or working as a sideman (most notably, with the fabulous Brazilbilly), he stands out more for what he doesn’t play: while a lot of other axmen try to wow you with their gazillion-notes-a-second chicken-pickin’ virtuosity, Casello is a paragon of taste, emphasizing melody, groove and a healthy dose of musical humor, as he combines vintage country, slap-back rockabilly, blues and jazz. And he’s a badass steel player to boot.’ – Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene

A recent review of Chris’ latest album:

‘A kick ass ride with one of America’s wildest guitar players. ‘The Nashville Years’ is a compilation full of Chris’s original songs and dynamite guitar playing. Recorded using tubes and tape and no digital monkey business.’ – Rockabillyworldwide.com

Laurence Bond Miller was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan, and as youngest in a musical family of 5 was exposed to many types of music during his formative years; Romantic Classical and Modern 20th Century orchestral music from his father, 50s Classics and 60s folk through his older siblings, and finally drowned in “British Invasion”, pop psychedelia, free-form Jazz and New Wave Punk from teens to twenties. This variety of influences has been evident in his songwriting throughout his career.

Miller had formal training in piano and clarinet during grade school, playing in school concert bands. At age twelve however, with Beatle-mania in full swing, he began to quickly pursue the new R&R music of the time; Syd Barrett’s PINK FLOYD, JIMI HENDRIX, PROCAL HAREM, SOFT MACHINE, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND, SILVER APPLES, SRC and THE MC-5 to name a few.

One fateful night, Laurence and his two teen brothers Roger and Ben, found themselves in the basement improvising in high energy free form R&R. This so inspired the three that they set out to form an original band with the full intent to produce truly ground breaking music. By 1969 a trumpeter was added (Harold Kirtchen ~ brother to Commander Cody of the Lost Planet Airmen of Hot Rod Lincoln fame), now calling themselves SPROTON LAYER. Their final recording in 1970, “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted”, was later released in 1991 on New Alliance Records, a subsidy of SST, receiving rave reviews. This collection was remastered and rereleased in 2013 by Germany’s WORLD OF SOUND RECORDS with strong reviews, supported by select performances in Ann Arbor/Detroit and Boston/NYC. More recordings have since been dislodged from the archives (1969 to 1971) with plans for a 2nd volume release in 2017.

Though primarily a drummer in his early youth, Laurence also taught himself how to play the guitar. Being left-handed and unable to afford a “southpaw” model, Laurence learned how to play his brother’s right-handed guitar upside down. Songwriting began, and soon after, recording on the family’s analogue stereo tape recorder.

Sadly, R&R devolved back into the mainstream as jocks and hillbillies began smoking dope and dropping acid. Discouraged then as the 70’s progressed, Laurence threw himself into contemporary orchestral music, free-form jazz, and music college. During his discontented experience in school, Miller continued to write, working with instrumental horn oriented ensembles focusing on open ended improvisation. His signature at the time was to use musical notation mixed with “staff art” to express his original ideas. With the advent of sound on sound multi track processing, Laurence was able to experiment with his compositions, all by his lonesome. He became comfortable with this recording process and managed to document many works, crude as they were. First thru the simple 2-track method using both channels of a stereo tape deck, learning the art of doubling vocal tracks, and later figuring the ins & outs of sound on sound, as mentioned. A documentary collection of these solo tapes can be found on his absurd 2002 release, “Turn a Left, and Down the Hall”. (NOTE: By mid 80’s Laurence learned to produce full multitrack solo recordings using 4 & 8 track analogue machines, documenting his music again, by himself. A learning curve he continues to roll out today.)

By 1976, as interest in college waned, Laurence moved back home and formed a psychedlic noise band called EMPOOL. NOTE: Empool had it’s own counterpart magazine by the name of EMPOOL III. It was this NE-side A2 band that melted into the SW-side A2 band, Destroy All Monsters, which later made history with Ron Asheton and Michael Davis. An official LP is slated for release on FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, 2017.

By 1977, as the Punk Movement began taking serious root, Laurence (now having dropped out of the school scene) and his twin brother Ben, became instrumental in the makings of DESTROY ALL MONSTERS. D.A.M. were then considered to be Detroit’s first punk band, featuring X-STOOGE guitarist Ron Asheton and X-MC-5 bassist Michael Davis. Opening up for the likes of THE RAMONES, PERE UBU, and DEVO, Laurence & Ben left their mark on D.A.M.’s first two singles; “You’re Gonna Die b/w Bored” and “November 22nd 1963 b/w Meet The Creeper” released on their manager’s private label IDBI Records. These were later released in FRANCE on Revenge Records (1989) on vinyl and CD along with other singles and out-takes entitled “Nov. 22nd 1963 / Singles & Rarities”. There were two other songs recorded during that studio session, both penned by Laurence and Ben; Broken Mirrors and Taken For Granite. To this day they have not seen the light. Though much fun and initial opportunity sprang into view, Laurence & Ben’s interest with D.A.M. did not last long before personal, financial, and musical conflicts developed. The twins left the band in October 1978 to pursue more creative projects.

XANADU, an X-D.A.M. collective, quickly formed producing a bootleg 7″ EP of D.A.M. rehearsal outtakes called DAYS OF DIAMONDS in the later part of 1978, as well as an interesting 4-song 7″ studio EP entitled, BLACK OUT IN THE CITY. BLACK OUT IN THE CITY was released in January 1979 on Black Hole Records and featured compositions by Laurence, Ben, and Cary Loren (original founder of D.A.M.), with drummer Rob King (D.A.M.) supplying the back beat. NOTE: BLACK OUT IN THE CITY and DAYS OF DIAMONDS were recently rereleased as a full L.P. on Detroit’s label, THIRD MAN RECORDS in February of 2017.

In 1978, Laurence met the late Donna Sevakis and by 1979 they were well on their way creating a family together. Despite their rough domestic terrain, there were successes shared in the process, including three beautiful daughters; Tara, Ashia, and Brittany. Another child, Brenten, was fostered later in another relationship of Donna’s after she and Laurence went their separate ways in 1983.

Jennifer Westwood cut her teeth on Detroit Gospel before hitting the gritty Detroit bars that set her career in motion. She has been a Detroit Music Award winner and nominee in several categories, and has contributed music to multiple Emmy Award winning commercials and documentaries, as well as film.

She first found confidence to consider music as a career by the encouragement of a church acquaintance, a professor of music who had previously served as ensemble choir director for the late Bishop C.L. Franklin, father of Aretha. Performing in church lead to her first work in the outside world, singing backup locally for Motown artist Carl Carlton (Bad Mama Jama). Studio work for various local artists followed, first in R & B and soul genres, followed by roots and blues. Those experiences gave her insight on the direction she wanted to embark on for her own music before leaping out on her own. It also opened doors for commercial work due to her vocal flexibility and enthusiasm. The same enthusiasm has driven each performance — whether it has been 7 ppl, on up to 70,000. Sharing the bill with rock icon Patti Smith at the world’s largest Masonic Temple have marked a highlight of her performance career.

Jennifer has fully embraced the character and spirit of Detroit; and considers her greatest accomplishment to be creating a career in music during some of the most troubling economic times for her hometown.

There are no musical limitations with Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils. The skill set and accomplishments that each member has earned helps them create a format where no style is out of bounds. Somehow, it all sounds familiar, but unique all the same. Truly a melting pot of musical ability and knowledge, the band makes a statement with each note and the sky is the limit.


Friday, December 22 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
$12 presale $12 day of show

Downtown Brown (Punk/Funk/Metal/Rock)
Dron (Ex-DB)
Detroit Party Marching Band (Guerrilla brass)
Carmel Liburdi (Acoustic/Alternative)
almost free (Alternative)

Downtown Brown: Exploding from (the suburbs of) Detroit rock city in 2001, and venturing to the absolute bottom of the rabbit hole by 2015, Downtown Brown (DTB) has carved a unique saga over their 14-year existence. Jamming a mutant style that splices together punk, funk, metal, rock, and hip-hop, DTB is a band impossible to categorize. People tend to either love them, hate them, or are just generally puzzled by their often politically incorrect, outrageous, satiric lyrics coupled with genre-hopping technical skill.

After nearly a decade of independently releasing media (4 full-length albums, a live album, and multiple dvds) and touring (100+ shows a year), Downtown Brown amassed a loyal following due to their infectious, energetic and ridiculously entertaining live show.

They signed with DC-Jam Records in 2010 to release their 5th studio album ‘Grabbleton’s Beach’, a concept piece that had critics scratching their heads due to its musical A.D.D. and lyrics ranging from childish absurdity to tongue-in-cheek satire. All confusion aside, the album helped propel DTB’s popularity to new heights and remains a fan favorite to this day.

In 2011, DTB caught the attention of Fishbone founding member Norwood Fisher, who soon after signed on to manage the band. Since Fisher’s involvement, the band has secured numerous endorsements, played multiple festivals, and toured with bands like The Adicts, Dead Kennedys, Peelander-Z, Fishbone, Psychostick, Andrew W.K., and even Insane Clown Posse (with whom they recorded a hilarious duet with in 2012).

DTB recorded and released their 6th full-length album ‘Masterz of the Universe’ in 2013. Produced by Fisher, ‘Masterz’ is the band’s first attempt at a ‘serious’ rock record. Although some of the material echoes DTB’s previous recorded lunacy, most of the album is comprised of tightly focused compositions written from a sincere state of being. The lyrics chronicle band leader Neil P.’s internal battles; dishing with brutal honesty about depression, love, chemical dependency, the state of the world, and staying true to the band’s artistic vision against all odds. In true DTB fashion, the music remains incredibly diverse, provocative, fun, and possesses undeniable pop sensibility.

2015 finds Downtown Brown thriving in a world full of easy-to-define, cookie-cutter music. Combining metal grooves, spastic funk, catchy riff rock, and all-over-the-place vocals, DTB’s broadly enjoyable sound and incomparable live show has captured the attention of a global audience. In the Summer of 2015, the band will release their 2nd live album and will continue to tour relentlessly, spreading their warped gospel to unsuspecting music fans across the land.

Dron: Don and Ron. Both former members of Detroit’s Downtown Brown. Hello. We are Dron. Don and ron creating musics. hello. We specialize in connecting with one another musically. It creates music. We also hug.

The Detroit Party Marching Band is an ever-evolving collective of 25 + Detroit area musicians devoted to frenetic revelry, driving jams, and the power of the un-amplified horn blast. Their music celebrates the spirit of street bands: a mobile, parade-ready mix of the Balkans, New Orleans, American Rhythm and Blues and more, played loudly and joyfully. Since 2010, the Detroit Party Marching Band has brought high energy music to unconventional spaces in celebration of life and community in & around Detroit.

The group has been featured in the New York Times, the Detroit News, and French Glamour, as well as in a documentary by HBO France. They’ve toured the midwest and northeast United States, paraded through the streets of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and shared the stage with the likes of My Brightest Diamond, Band of Horses, and a range of other musical and visual performers.

Carmel Liburdi is a singer/songwriter born and raised in the Detroit area of MI. Her music could be best described as indie/alternative folk with ragtime and jazz influences. Carmel has had a love of writing and performing since childhood, and at the age of 23 has been performing her own original songs for 9 years. In that time she has appeared on WDET, been reviewed in Metro Times, Detroit Music Connection, Deep Cutz, and been nominated for a Detroit Music Award. Her passion for the arts is wide spread, as she also has a background in theater, dance, and visual art. This year Carmel has been on four full length tours, and completed her fourth full length album, Patron Saints of the Ordinary–written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and designed by Carmel Liburdi. Whether political or personal, Carmel’s performances are full of energy and soul! Her style is fun and whimsical, with a unique edge that makes you think and challenges the norm of solo acoustic artists.

Almost Free is a trio that brings together the best of proverbial alt-rock styles (with pedal-effected guitars, bending solos and spindly high-neck fret throttling that can recall the now-nostalgic big-muff shred of Smashing Pumpkins, tempered by a more esoteric stateliness ala Radiohead) paired functionally with a palpable penchant for classic surf rock�s sunny timbre, (a recipe that will recall influences like The Pixies). But this seemingly straight-forward approach is given a bit more of a gritty uppercut by a tight and calamitous embrace of post-punk: propulsive percussion tornado-ing forward over wavy bass lines that set that fractured dance vibe � not so much anthemic floor-hitters but an intricate and enjoyably jittery take on the traditional toe-tapping head banger pound.�How can we be free if we are always chasing an intangible and subjective state of mind?� asks Almost Free frontman, Andy Bird. With Almost Free, their idea of learning how to cope with one�s surroundings involves comprehending that the everyday grind is a necessity to life, while never allowing it to shape them. Bird (vocals, guitars) and his bandmates, Bob Impemba (bass, synth, noise) and Garren Stevens (drums), fashion a substantially foreboding sound that covers various elements underneath the neat, but broad umbrella of alternative music. For Almost Free, living life to the fullest while realizing that every single decision and action has a price is a sublime feeling to express through their alternative-rock blend of grungy guitars, progressive hooks and upbeat drumming. Often sounding like a cross between The Smiths and Bloc Party, their nervy rock is the kind that pushes forward without sacrificing drive or focus. With Almost Free, a strong focus on the revelatory happenings that music creates continues to play the most prominent role in their tenure as a band.

Corktown Christmas ft. Bunky & the Burnouts wsg: Poor Player / Erik Alan

Thursday, December 21
Bunky & the Burnouts (Americana)
Poor Player (Folk rock/Alt-country)
Erik Alan (Country-blues/Folk)

Bunky Hunt is a songwriter, recording engineer, and producer from Detroit.

Raised during the 70’s, and inspired by bands such as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Daniel Lanois, and Tom Petty. Today, Americana music is his passion. Driven by a love for tube amplifiers, outboard recording gear, and vintage microphones. Doing it the right way.

Poor Player is the musical project of one Motor City M.F. Homegrown Indie folk Americana born of an excess of beverages, Poor Player is a five piece band that takes to the stage with barrel house rambles, neo Dustbowl yodels, Tecumseh strums, and a hopped up grab bag of American riddles and laments. Saluting the guy flying a sign beside the highway exit, zigzagging through the post-industrial prairie, Poor Player is all about finding the roots beneath the rubble, the green beneath the ruin, the country blues in the pothole concrete, the folk in the f***d up, and the beauty in the city gone to seed. Always bring a flask to Poor Player shows and spill some firewater for the brothers passed and who are passing. Missing Poor Player one place search another, they play on some stage waiting for you.

Erik Alan is a singer/songwriter from Michigan. When he was only 21, a chance encounter with a community of musicians in Massachusettes led him to relocate there, where he became a founding member of the western MA roots/rock group The Amity Front. Alan’s songs deal in timeless themes; but his ability to channel those themes and deliver them with a relevance that everyone can identify with is something that only a student of songcrafting could provide.

In June of 2011, Alan released his first full length solo album Full Circle. Recorded at Verdant Studio in VT and produced by David Goodrich (Peter Mulvey, Chris Smither), Full Circle is a veritable synopsis of the American songbook with both somber, traditionally rooted songs as well as gritty rock and roll and everything in between.

Goodsteph / Rella / Benjamin Earl Turner

Wednesday, December 20 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $10
Goodsteph (R&B/Soul)
Rella (Soul)
Benjamin Earl Turner

Goodsteph: Acting as a humble servant through the areas of sonic and visual arts.

“[Goodsteph’s] elegant, entrancing, downtempo soul thumps and hums with the restless energy of a gifted, inquisitive mind as he recounts moments of his life, affirmations and realizations unspooling like an incantation.” (City Arts Magazine)

Dr Sushi x Noodles Man Holiday Blowout (Pop-up kitchen)

Hi, join us for a night of food eating and ping pong at the Lager House on Tuesday, December 19th.

We’re going to make soba noodles. Holiday inspired. Festive.

We are sponsoring a Ping Pong tournament beginning at 9pm. Make sure to sign up before the tournament begins! The winner gets a prize. Last month’s winner = WILL BURKE!

Jay behind the bar!

Santarchy 2017 w/ The Mike Hard Show, HafLife, Hillbilly Knife Fight, and SCREW

Saturday, December 16 / 8pm
No cover with Santarchy Pass
$10 without Santarchy pass

The Mike Hard Show (Rock/Punk/Metal)
HafLife (Industrial/Rock/Bootycore)
Hillbilly Knife Fight (Rock/Punk/Metal)
SCREW (Raw power rock)

The Mike Hard Show: Solo project of God Bullies, Hand Over Head, Thrall & Brain Saw frontman/guru MIKE HARD, formed in Fall 2010. God Bullies were an American noise-rock band from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They were active from 1986–1995, briefly reunited in the early 2000s and most recently in the summer of 2010 to coincide with the Amphetamine Reptile Records’ 25th Anniversary concert.

The band has released material with Alternative Tentacles and Sympathy The Record Industry, but the bulk of their releases were with Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Although God Bullies never found any mainstream success, creepy anthems like “Let’s Go To Hell”, “Ordinary Man” and “Cemetery”, paired with frontman Mike Hard’s theatrical delivery and over-the-top stage antics, earned the band a large cult following. God Bullies toured extensively throughout the US and Europe with artists including Hole, The Melvins, Helmet, Tar, Surgery, Cows and Helios Creed.

After God Bullies disbanded in 1995, Mike Hard went on to form Thrall. The majority of Thrall’s releases were with Alternative Tentacles. Thrall eventually ran its course, and Hard reunited with God Bullies guitarist David Livingstone and drummer Adam Berg to form Th3y N3v3r Sl33p. This project also featured original Thrall bassist “Queen Bee” Karen Neal. Th3y N3v3r Sl33p went on hiatus in early 2011.

Mike Hard is performing live throughout the mid-west and Texas under the band name “MIKE HARD” with former godbullie and Th3y N3v3r Sl33p drummer adam Berg, former BONK & Ghepetto Files guitarist Andy “Bongo” Furda, and former Sons of the Gun bassist Pat O’Harris. Mike Hard has plans to release solo material in 2013.

HafLife should never have existed! Stranger than fiction; two Detroit university students, obtain funding to develop a aural therapy to cure night terrors. The results were disastrous, and the two were immediately dismissed. The only positive effect was the unrelenting propensity for test subjects to gyrate prior to awakening. The two rogue researchers, left the country and went abroad to continue their experiments. Collaborating with last known members of the famed “Numbers Project”, this sonic think tank formed the “Atomic Gyration Institute”, solely dedicated to the subatomic quantum physics of gluteal gyration. MD 20/20, Handi J, V, and Tsar Bomba (names permanently changed… Interpol issues), continue to perform their sonic experiments, under the name HafLife. Labeled everything from “Bootycore” to “The Biker band of the Information Super Highway”, HafLife continues to defy the Motor City garage rock genre. They continually perform unlicensed aural experiments on unsuspecting crowds, searching for that perfect mathematical gyration deep within the gluteal fold. Since its inception, seismic activity has increased worldwide. Pi, Phi and Pythagoras be damned… long live HafLife & THE ATOMIC GYRATION INSTITUTE… Counting Down, One life at a time.

Hillbilly Knife Fight is 6 individuals from various musical genres and styles sick of being pigeonholed and categorized uniting to create a sound uniquely their own in the spirit of Detroit.

In late 2014 Hillbilly Knife Fight unleashed their sound on the Detroit music scene and true to form have now played a variety of shows with a genre smashing variety of talented artists and musicians such as Break Anchor, The Howling Diablos, The Lippies, Carmel Liburdi, Downtown Brown and St Thomas Boys Academy to name just a few. From punk to funk, from rock to acoustic, from metal to ska, HBKF have broken the boundaries of the local music scene.

A testament to the original yet familiar sounds of Hillbilly Knife Fight and the open minded diverse music lovers of this great city we call home.

SCREW: Raw Sleazy Detroit Full Throttle Rock with Punk roots. Formed in the summer of 2013, Screw proves Rock never Dies and Punks Not Dead!

Screw is comprised of Tommy T formerly of and founding member of 60 Second Crush and Down With Hatred on Vocals. HotRod Tusek long time guitar shredder for The Nobodys. Elrod Adams known for his exceptional bass skills in such bands as Down With Hatred and Select4. Bob Banger formerly of Forge & infrastar better known as the back bone on drums. This band proudly hails Detroit as it’s home town and the rich fabric of music that has affected so many for so long. So their mission is pretty simple. To put the Rock back in Rock n Roll once again!


Friday, December 15 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
Lagerheads (Rock)
George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus (Indie rock/Pop)
Five Pound Snap (Garage-Groove/Space-Fuzz)

Lagerheads is a rock band based out of Southeast Michigan. Join them in celebrating their first release “A Five Piece Problem” 6 song EP available on CD or Download on December 15. Grab your copy and dig this awesome lineup.

George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus: Raised by musical parents, George Morris was born to write and perform music. He began making an impact on the Detroit music scene in the mid 2000’s with the Satin Peaches. In summer 2007 the Satin Peaches were included in the lineup of Lollapalooza. The band gained international exposure when they hooked up with Oasis manager Marcus Russell and signed on with the major label Island Records. Citing “lack of collaborative inspiration” the band called it quits in 2010 and George immediately focused on writing new material, expanding his guitar chops, piano skills and strategizing the next move. In 2012 he recorded a solo record entitled Organ Solos. Following Oragn Solos, was his second solo release We Will Go To Hell For This. With a solid live lineup featuring Helena Kirby, Zach Pliska, Doug Diedrich, and Ronny Tibbs, known as the Gypsy Chorus, George Morris is now ready to continue his musical quest with renewed spirituality, passion and a zest for finding the perfect musical soundtrack for our human experience.

Five Pound Snap is a four-piece space-groove band from Detroit, Michigan.

Home for the Holidaze Songwriter Showcase ft. Inside Outlaws Renuion w/ Alison Lewis, Don Duprie, Matt Dmits, John Freeman, Michelle Held, and very special guest Ty Stone

Thursday, December 14 / 8pm
$6 or $5 with a can of food or winter clothing item

Static presents…


The event brings together local performers for one evening of acoustic music for a good cause. The donations and proceeds from the event go towards purchasing food and winter clothing items that are distributed to homeless people and animals thru our selected charities: Congregation of Every 1, Hater Kitty Rescue Army and Outcry Street Ministry.

This year will feature the “return of revolver” a songwriters circle with the Inside Outlaws group of songwriters with performances by:

and very special guest

The show is on THURSDAY, DEC. 14 at 8 pm. The venue is PJ’S LAGER HOUSE located at 1254 Michigan Avenue. in Detroit. Please call 313-961-4668. www.pjslagerhouse.com. 21 & over are welcome.

Admission is $5 with one can of people or pet food or winter clothing item or $6 without. Boots, blankets, socks and hats are much needed items this year.