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Sailor’s Mouth Yoga

Monday, April 9 / 8pm / $5

F*ck Mondays with Sailor’s Mouth Yoga at PJ’s Lager House in Detroit!

New Year, New f*ckin’ you, boo! You got a bad case of the ‘Mondays’? F*ck that! Let’s get bent!

You are invited to swear, drink, and do yoga to shake off the Mondays at PJ’s Lager House in Detroit. This 45-minute- ish class lead by your Swearing Yoga Coach, A-Bomb, will get you all stretched out while throwing down a serious string of naughty words. Hell, you might even learn some new ones while you are at it!

Dress to be comfortable (yoga pants/leggings totally encouraged), and bring your own yoga mat.

Please note — There is very limited space, so there is a high possibility of sell out.

Darkred / Pirate Love / The Ashleys / St. James & the Apostles

Saturday, March 31 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $8
Darkred (Noise rock)
Pirate Love (Rock n roll)
The Ashleys (Rock)
St. James & the Apostles (Progressive blues/Psychedelic soul)

Darkred continues the Paik-style experimentalism, albeit stripped-down. The dense soundscape and the ferocity at which it’s played amazes, particularly considering it’s only two people armed with a guitar sent through pedals and a drum kit.

The band’s basic sound is difficult to describe, but it’s different from anything you’ll likely hear now. It’s alternative, in the true sense. But instead of being an alternative to good, the duo nods its mojo at some of the greatest noise-rock innovators, including Sonic Youth, Jesus and the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.” [Metro Times]

Pirate Love: Dirty, filthy, greasy Detroit Rock n Roll.

The Ashleys: “I think a measured amount of recklessness is a necessity for wellness, – both mental and physical.

Sweeping, sublime works of beauty and grace certainly have their place, and we all gnosh, now and again, on the guilty pleasures of pristine, sun-soaked patchworks of pretty, poppy, pirouets. But, I feel imbalanced if I go very long without being properly shaken up. Times like those: I go to Detroit duo, the Ashleys – tightly wound rhythms and maelstrom guitars, churned out in rubbery, blues-inflected roars and fuzzed out vocals blurting and howling out monosyllabic taunts. Essentially: the essence of what many perceive as “garage rock…” Whether that’s a lingering ghost or a hot-button topic in this town is for another day’s debate…” [Deep Cutz]

St. James & The Apostles​ got together in 2010 when guitarist​ Jamie Mahon, parting ways with his former band, enlisted his 2 younger cousins;​ Mike Kiker​ on organ & Jeff Castner​ on drums. They self-produced their first 2 LPs; ‘Baphomet’ (2012) & ‘Via Dolorosa’ (2014) using a back-to-basics approach. After a considerable amount of touring, they hooked up with producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo (Lauryn Hill, Fugees, Billy Joel, Urge Overkill) for their 3rd album ‘White Devil’, released October 14th, 2016.

DJ Fixed (Single release party) wsg/ DJ Disc Detroit and ‘The Don’ Jeffrey Woodward

Friday, March 30 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
DJ Fixed (Modern Tribe)
DJ Disc Detroit (Detroit Deep Sessions)
‘The Don’ Jeffrey Woodward (Detroit Deep Sessions)

DJ Fixed is an accomplished underground DJ & Producer. Performing Techno, Minimal and Tech-House, he has performed continually at the annual Flint Drop Fest, and with a variety of shows for promoters Strange Luv Productions, Modern Tribe & Deep Sessions. Including, but not limited to Meltdown 6.5, Detroit Wave City, Beats & BBQ, Bass Market and many more.

Currently finishing his debut single for the Modern Tribe Label, DJ Fixed is poised to become an international superstar.

DJ Disc Detroit: Detroit Deep Sessions is a project by Dj Disc…Detroit with the help of a group of DJs in Detroit. It aims to set a stage & give exposure and promote electronic music our Guys & Dolls spin (Deep House &Techno) in the city, and play a role in sparking Detroit’s renaissance and all over the world.

“The Don” Jeffrey Woodward: Coming up from the north side of Flint, Mr. Jeffrey Woodward got his musical education from an early age. Growing up he listened to Rock &Roll until the age of 12, when he crossed over to R&B. By the age of 16 he was visiting Disco clubs on a regular basis. In the process, he got hooked on the Detroit R&B DJ’s of that era, such as Tiger Dan, Marvelous Marv, and The Electrifying Mojo. Working his way up from shop bars and roller rinks, the 80’s turned into a pivotal point in his career. Disco had faded into the newest craze, House Music. Listening to DJ’s like Duane Bradley, Barry Michaelton Grant, Ken Collier, and Jeff “The Wizard” Mills. In 1986, Mr. Woodward was the first DJ north of Detroit to play House Music at the old Blackstone’s. 1988 he worked at Buy-Rite Music where he was immersed into Detroit’s House and Techno scene. By 1992 Jeffrey made the move to Detroit and continued his passion for House and Techno. In 1996 he started The Detroit Housing Commission and became a co-resident at the legendary Club 246 when he first started playing U.K. Garage. By ’98 he brought UKG to Lush Lounge in Hamtramck, pulling massive crowds and packing the dance floor with this new sound, and started working at Melodies and Memories in Eastpointe. While hustling records there, he met DJ CDX who introduced him to Detroit’s underground rave scene with the DubTech Crew. For the next 3 years, his skills and passion for his art, led him to gigs playing with the likes of DJ Pierre, Roy Davis Jr.,Terrence Parker, Paul Johnson and Frankie Bones and has cemented his reputation as a true Detroit legend and the status of The Don of UKG. With the changing laws of the early years of the 2000’s brought on many changes. In 2001 DubTech broke apart and sent Jeff on a new path. He continued doing gigs under the DHC banner. By 2006 he became involved with newdetroitradio.com, which eventually turned into burstradio.com, where he is a featured DJ and co-host. He is currently a member of the Deep Sessions crew and the Convergent Sound Family. In the new decade, Mr. Woodward is bringing his classic Detroit style UKG to new generation of electronic music fans. UK Garage. Imported from Detroit. [Blend-FM]