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Danny Kroha / Timothy Monger / Andy Dale Petty

Friday, March 16 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Danny Kroha (Folk/Blues/Gospel)
Timothy Monger (Singer-songwriter)
Andy Dale Petty (Folk)

Danny Kroha: As a founding member of minimal garage rock trio the Gories and a fixture in the Detroit rock scene since the early ’80s, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dan Kroha helped change the course of rock history with his one-of-a-kind playing and highly influential style. Kroha grew up in Detroit and took to music early on. By his teen years he was singing for local mod revivalist band Start, who would later morph into the Onset. After the Onset’s dissolution, Kroha formed the Gories in early 1986 with singer/guitarist Mick Collins and drummer Peggy O’Neill. The band made raw, powerful garage rock with rudimentary means, never amassing an enormous following in their time, but growing in popularity immensely after their 1992 break-up. Among many other bands, the White Stripes’ sound was particularly informed by the Gories’ less-is-more approach and their infusion of folk-blues and droning rock influences. The White Stripes’ Jack White would often cite the Gories as a key influence as his band rose to massive worldwide popularity, turning on new listeners to the long-defunct group. Following their break-up in 1992, Kroha played in Detroit rock group Rocket 455 for a time before forming cross-dressing garage pop sensationalist act the Demolition Doll Rods in 1994. The Doll Rods (as they came to be known) played for 13 years, releasing countless singles and touring the world before going on indefinite hiatus in 2007. Kroha led various bands in Detroit over the next few years, as well as playing solo. He played guitar and sang for swaggering trio the Readies, members of whom would sometimes merge with members of the Go in super group the Skies Above. In 2009, the Gories reunited for a handful of shows, further bolstering their legacy. At the beginning of the 2010s, Kroha returned somewhat to his R&B/early garage roots with new trio Danny & the Darleans. In this time he also released 2012’s The Folk Blues Stylings under his own name, as well as a 2013 collaboration with Gories bandmate Mick Collins where the two musicians created songs based around the poetry of legendary producer and sleaze rock personality Kim Fowley. In 2015, Kroha offered up the solo album Angels Watching Over Me on Jack White’s Third Man Records. The album featured a smattering of traditional folk, blues, and gospel tunes from the public domain as well as one original composition.

Timothy Monger: Michigan-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Timothy Monger first established himself as co-founder of seminal Ann Arbor folk-rock outfit Great Lakes Myth Society. In the mid-00’s the band earned a cult following rendering detailed art-pop with British folk undertones and a distinctly Midwestern rock sensibility. Concurrently, Monger’s solo career extended as a natural outgrowth with the chamber pop of 2004’s Summer Cherry Ghosts to the more rustic tonality of 2011’s The New Britton Sound. His third album, Amber Lantern, melds subtle synth textures with elements of psych, folk, and jangling power pop.

Andy Dale Petty: How far can a banjo take you? As long as there are young men who in their heart and spirit combine an open mind with a feeling for history and a lust to wander the country to see what the people really want, it can take you pretty far. Across a continent and down a century or two, if you let it. Andy Dale Petty is exactly such a person as described above. He picks his banjo and starts to ramble the country and life around him in increasing perimeters. He meets love, fun, joy and happiness, but also hardship, pain and loss. He sees the preachers talking about sin and salvation, he hears the country stars and the rock stars sing about wide variety of things, he hears the politicians of various colours talking their slang, but most of all he hears the stories the people tell. And at night he listenes to the sounds of nature. Unlike William Elliott Whitmore, the other young man who rambles the country with a banjo, he does not carve out a niche all of his own, but he collects the scraps and records of others and builds his world from there. Which makes his world a lighter, better and warmer place to live in.

Sampere / The Zotz / The Laminators / Blackmail

Thursday, March 15 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $7
Sampere (Rock/Metal/Alternative)
The Zotz (Punk/Pop/Garage/Rock)
The Laminators (Rock)
Blackmail (Hard rock/Ghettorock)

Sampere’s first single, “The Fallen,” was written to inspire those to overcome what they might think is impossible; purely to embrace the fight within. The song was named in Syracuse’s Top 20 Songs of 2016 by rock alternative music station, 95X. For the past year, after absolutely killing their first show together, they have been busy blasting their name across the region and most recently, releasing their debut EP, “World of Illusion.”

Syracuse, NY has set the stage for Sampere; building their fan base, providing recognition, and instilling motivation with partnering artists. Sampere will be promoting the release of their newest single, “Give It Up,” with a Fall tour in cities including Louisville, Detroit, Boston, New York City, and more.

“We want to share our music, play our music, and gain a bigger audience in local and regional markets,” says Matt. Fans from all over the East coast will be able to find venues rocking and jamming with Sampere.

The band’s inspiration originates from a common thread of reaching a balanced state-of-mind while creating music together, and the desire to diffuse inspiration amongst their fans. Matt describes how the lyrics written are often generated from daily encounters, both positive and negative, while DJ forwardly states, “drumming is everything. Without the beat… life would be flat, bland, and one-dimensional.”

The Zotz formed in Spring 2015 originally as a 2-piece guitar, vocals and drums. After a few months of playing , Bobby and Shawn decided to complete the sound by adding a bass player. Within a few days of searching found the perfect fit. Adding Matthew to the group and coming together to create a unique sound reimiscent of the 70’s old school punk with hooks and relatable originals songs based on life experiences. They are fast, hard and fun. Simple and fast drum hits, dynamic leads with sarcastic and heartfelt vocals and rockin bass lines that cut through. The Zotz are a refreshing unique, but surprisingly familiar sound that will make you want to bop your head, tap your foot, shake your fist in the air, and smile, laugh, sing along and dance. Our live shows are always fun and we want to include our audience to join in and have as much fun as us.

We are the Laminators, busters of guts and melters of faces. The greatest band Metro Detroit has ever seen!!!

BLACKMAIL is a HARD ROCK band from Detroit with a funky, bluesy, soulful edge. The band has been nominated for outstanding heavy rock act @ the 2017 Detroit Music Awards. Blackmail features the amazing frontman/vocalist Mayaasa, the atomic rockin bluesy guitar of Mike Brooks, the heavy bottom of bassist Poco “SEEDS” strummer, & the thundering drums of Doug Austin. Blackmail combines influences from Van Halen, Prince, Living Colour , Lenny Kravitz , Metallica, JB & more into their own unique style. The band has been rocking the motor city with electrifying live shows for 10 years, received local & national press & airplay & have put out 3 cd’s, Ghetto Rock, The Hard Groove, & their latest, Sonic Rendezvous

Detroit’s St. Patrick’s Parade Day Celebration and Party!!

Sunday, March 11 / 9am /  No cover, ever!

It’s time to plan your Parade Day out and what better place to post up then PJ’s Lager House, the eastern gateway to Corktown.

This year’s music:

Stone Clover (10am – 1pm): This is the band you’ve been waiting to drink with. The band puts a dizzying spin on everything from traditional Irish songs to their own infectious, high-octane originals. Don’t plan on sitting down once they’ve hit the stage!

Swift guitar swirls with dancing violin, on top of mandolin or accordion, while the bass and drums drive a rhythm straight to your drinking hand! The next thing you know your drink is empty and you can’t stop bouncing along. Grab another drink and enjoy the rest of the show. Cheers!

Bill Grogan’s Goat (2pm – 4pm): High powered Celtic Rock from the Motor City. Bill Grogan’s Goat is a collective of five Detroit area musicians who blend their many varied musical styles together to create a high energy fresh approach to the Celtic folk/rock tradition. Combining a rock band format of bass, drums and guitars with traditional instruments such as Irish bouzouki, tin whistle, mandolin, violin and 5 string banjo, Bill Grogan’s Goat offers a highly listenable blend of Detroit/Celtic rock! Bill Grogan’s Goat will excite and please both young and old!

Ghostwriter / Fishgutzzz

Saturday, March 10 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Ghostwriter (Lo-Fi Blues/Stark Americana)
Fishgutzzz (Punk/Folk)

Ghostwriter could be the post-punk version of a Harry Smith era self-accompanied singer-songwriter… Ghostwriter has toured the States for over a decade, and released seven albums on End of the West records. Ghostwriter has opened for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, T-Model Ford, The Real Kids, and toured alongside Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets), and Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers. He has played in festivals from Sleazefest in Chapel Hill, to Not the Same Old Blues Crap in London, and literally hundreds of bar rooms along the way. Known for his visceral songwriting and unrelenting DIY ethos, Ghostwriter has definitely made his mark on underground music. In 2015, Ghostwriter released Rarities & Outtakes, Vol. 1 on MP3. He has a new LP from End of the West coming out later this year.

fishgutzzz gettin ignant with a guitar, kick ‘n’ kazoo while convincing his worst friends to record on the album. I am king of the shit castle and the goddamn gallows wouldn’t let me play these songs so here yinz fuckin go…no refunds.

Doop & the Inside Outlaws / The High Strung / Priest Potion

Friday, March 9 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
Doop & the Inside Outlaws (Rock/Alt-country)
The High Strung (Rock/Indie-pop)
Priest Potion (Rock)

Doop & the Inside Outlaws: The deep working class roots of singer/songwriter Don “Doop” Duprie echo throughout his music. Front man for the Detroit area alt-country/roots rock band Doop and the Inside Outlaws, Doop is a laid off firefighter born and raised in industrial River Rouge, Michigan. He teamed up with legendary Detroit producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes) to record his albums “Blood River,” “Everett Belcher” and now “What am I supposed to do?”

Doop’s songwriting has received national attention, having been hailed “hands down the best songwriter we (Detroit) now have to offer the Americana World” by Don Zelazny, AmericanaRoots.com.

The albums made the Top Ten Lists in Metro Times and AmericanaRoots.com. “Everett Belcher” won the Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Country Recording” and was named “Album of the Day” by Country Music Pride’s podcast Americana Daily. Doop’s music has been featured on the American Public Media radio show “The Story,” the award-winning podcast Digivegas.com and the #1 rated Americana podcast, “Americana Roots Roundtable” on NoDepression.com.

Now with Pete Ballard on pedal steel guitar, Katie Grace on bass and Danny Kanka on drums, Doop and the gang just released their third full length album.

The High Strung: “Lifelong Detroit friends become indie-pop darlings. Motor City natives Mark Owen, Chad Stocker, Josh Malerman, and Derek Berk comprise the founding lineup of the High Strung, whose music borrows equally from melodic power-pop and psychedelic garage rock. Although formed during the summer of 2000, the group’s legacy stretches back to elementary school, when the latter three members became best friends at the age of 11. Once they’d entered college, the High Strung began playing shows in the Midwest while concentrating on material for a proper album. A series of EPs and the self-released LP As Is came and went, as did the High Strung’s attachment to Detroit. Heading east, the boys settled in the booming musical enclave of Williamsburg, NY, just as they were slated to cut an album for Tee Pee Records.

These Are Good Times In 2001, the High Strung joined producer Jim Diamond (Electric Six, the Mooney Suzuki, the White Stripes) for the making of These Are Good Times, a retro-garage album that was released two years later. Owen left the band in 2004, but the High Strung continued onward as a trio, reuniting the following year with producer Diamond for their second album, Moxie Bravo. Park the Van Records reissued Moxie Bravo early in 2007 and issued a new album, Get the Guests, that spring. The High Strung then switched gears by hiring studio wiz David Newfield, who had previously produced material for Los Campesinos! and Broken Social Scene, to helm their latest release. The result, 2009’s Ode to the Inverse of the Dude, found frontman Josh Malerman writing increasingly personal songs.” [AllMusic]

Oak House / Mooses / You Rest, You Joy Life

Monday, March 5 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Oak House (Experimental grunge-psyche rock)
Mooses (Indie pop/Surf)
You Rest, You Joy Life (Post-genre)

Oak House is a band built on deftly balanced juxtaposition — an experiment in the visceral and contemplative, the base and the beautiful. Rock music at it’s core, the writing of frontman Gresham Cash expresses palpable tension — it’s an investigation of life’s inevitable conflicts.

Comprised of frontman and guitarist Gresham Cash, drummer Wes Gregory and bassist Connor Sabula, the band formed in Athens, Georgia during the winter of 2014. Since, they’ve grown a reputation for their violent, high energy shows and strikingly inventive sound. Oak House plays a heavy synthesis of melodic indie rock, psychedelic, experimental and grunge, though Cash finds most of his inspiration for songwriting in classical, jazz, Eastern melody and contemporary, minimal instrumental music. Their sound is cinematic, sweeping and immensely moving with droning, frenetic guitars, decaying synth, fragmented, dark piano and pulsing, immersive rhythms.

Mooses: Psychedelic, Surf, Dance, Pop, Rock, Experimental band from Fredonia.

You Rest, You Joy Life: Not Emo™.

Sailor’s Mouth Yoga

Monday, March 5 / 8pm / $5

F*ck Mondays with Sailor’s Mouth Yoga at PJ’s Lager House in Detroit!

New Year, New f*ckin’ you, boo! You got a bad case of the ‘Mondays’? F*ck that! Let’s get bent!

You are invited to swear, drink, and do yoga to shake off the Mondays at PJ’s Lager House in Detroit. This 45-minute- ish class lead by your Swearing Yoga Coach, A-Bomb, will get you all stretched out while throwing down a serious string of naughty words. Hell, you might even learn some new ones while you are at it!

Dress to be comfortable (yoga pants/leggings totally encouraged), and bring your own yoga mat.

Please note — There is very limited space, so there is a high possibility of sell out.