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Blues Night ft. Chris Canas, Bull Halsey, and more

Friday, February 23 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Chris Canas (Blues/Funk/Soul)
Bull Halsey (Indie/Blues)

Chris Canas (aka Christopher Lenard Cottingham) was born on July 18th, 1984 to Angela and Lenard Cottingham. He has grown with music in his life whether it be his Mom singing to him or taking him to see Ray Charles at Hart Plaza or his Dad singing and dancing him to sleep as a kid. Music is part of his very soul and is the main reason he has grown into such a musical person today. His first true instrument was discovered when he chose a Coronet over all other instruments because he was too shy to speak up and claim the Saxophone in 5th grade. But he loved it nonetheless and treated it as if the sounds he could make were doubling as a musical release as well as a therapeutic one. Chris quickly rose through the rankings of 5th grade band only to find his music instructor David Drake promoted him to Jazz band. It was this move to Jazz that truly piqued Chris’ interest in another realm of music. While in Jazz band Chris played all over eventually landing with the Ann Arbor School for the Performing Arts group. He primarily joined the jam portion of the group and performed at Bird of Paradise, the Firefly Club, Top of The Park, and even The Ann Arbor Art Fair on numerous occasions. He was being primed to follow in the footsteps of Miles, Monk, Baker, Parker, and Marsallis. But something happened to this young man at the tender age of 10 that was just starting to boil over. The Blues had taken him and it wasn’t going to ever let him go. Chris’ Uncle Jamerson rolled up in a Cherry Red T-Top Camaro and was bumping BB King’s “Thrill Is Gone” with all his speaker systems might, and an innocent shy boy immediately began his transition into a Blues Man.

Chris eventually discovered a rickety old dusty P-Bass in his grandmothers garage which only had 2 strings on it. Chris took it upon himself to clean it up real good so he could play it. Only problem was he didn’t yet know how to fix a Bass so he just learned on those 2 rickety rusted strings. His parents eventually realized that music was his passion and got it completely fixed so he could finally learn how to play the full Bass. Eventually even that wasn’t enough and Chris picked up Piano, Sax, Drums, Harmonica, and eventually found his true love…..The Guitar. His first guitar was a cherry red Squire with a celebrate diversity sticker on it and a rainbow strap. Yeah Chris likes color apparently. Now he was ready to go off and learn guitar. He spent days locked away in his room and after learning every BB King, Albert King, and Freddie King song note for note for 6 months he wrote his first album at the age of 15 “Shades of Blue”. Of course this was after he didn’t get a Playstation for Christmas but instead got a four track mixer which he greatly appreciates…..NOW. Chris went on to win the Ann Arbor Talent Show performing 2 of his songs off of the SOB album “Unforgiven” which he still plays to this day and “The Blues” which was inspired BB King’s “A Blues Boy’s Tune”. He landed a gig with Ejuana “Fire” Taylor and went on the road with her and her band for a bit while honing his skills at the Tap Room jam session in Ypsilanti which is still running every Thursday to this day. Chris eventually hooked up with Thornetta Davis and was taken under her wing at the age of 18 and opened his eyes up to the rich Detroit Music scene as well as exposed him to countless Pro musicians. in 2003 Chris formed the, dare I say it one last time, “Chris Canas Hyper Dynamic Blues Revolution” which was later shortened to “The Chris Canas Blues Revolution” which shortened again to “The C2BR” and finally, finally ended with the “Chris Canas Band”. Chris has since released a total of 6 albums with his latest official album being “She’s Breaking Me” reaching heights he never thought possible. He has graced the stage with many great performers such as: Joe Bonammassa, Johnny Bassett, Oscar Brown Jr, Ralphe Armstrong, Mike Wheeler, Toronzo Cannon, Thornetta Davis, Sweet Claudette, Kenny Neal, Laith Al-Saadi, Brett Lucas, Corky Siegal, Benny Turner, Chuck Bartels, Don Was, Willie The Pooch, Howard Glazer, Johnny Lawrence, Victor Wainwright, Alex Bugnon, Layla Hathaway, Eliza Neals, Bobby Murray, Candy Cane, The Delgado Brothers, Sharrie Williams, Larry McCray, Harmonicah Shah, and even the great Billy Davis performed and wrote an original song for his wedding day. Chris is currently finalizing his latest album “Would You Mind” and is set to unleash it sometime in 2018. Chris has written and arranged well over 150 Original songs and has reimagined a plethora of oldies but goodies. Right now, the Chris Canas Band consists of Chris Canas on Guitar and Vocals, Angela Cottingham on Percussion and Vocals, Chris Nordman on Piano and Organ, Michael Scott on Drums, and our newest member to the Blues Revolution Derek Washington on Bass.

The Chris Canas Band can be seen blazing a trail in the Metro Detroit area and beyond. In 2007 the Chris Canas Band won their first Blues Competition when they competed in the West Michigan Blues Society’s challenge. They also won the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association challenge in 2010, the Detroit Blues Society challenge in 2012 as well as 2014. Chris ” The Soldier For The Blues” Canas, has put together a who’s who of veteran musicians over the years and has learned many many lessons the long hard way to help keep the blues alive and moving forward for all music lovers. The Chris Canas Band has a well blended set of classic covers and clever, roller coaster like originals that keep the audience captivated and coming back for more. With their diverse mix of Blues, Funk, and Soul they are always well equipped to bring the party wherever they go. With heart-wrenching vocals, pulse pounding rhythms, and an electric energy that can be felt in the air. Don’t miss an opportunity to see the CCB “LIVE” and in the flesh. Do your Soul a favor and feed it some hot Bluesberry Pie with a side order of fresh cut Funk and a tall glass of Soul! The Chris Canas Band is available as an Acoustic Solo-Duo, Three Piece, Four Piece, or Five Piece act. This band is driven to pump new life into “The Blues” as well as embracing the rich traditional roots of the past. Brace yourselves for the Explosion!

Bull Halsey: “One listen to Bull Halsey throws the rock-n-roll mind into reverse, to a time when young British kids like The Yardbirds, The Animals, and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers were teaching other Brits (and Americans) how much the Delta blues had an impact on rock music. This isn’t today’s disposable garage-rock re-hash, this is a textbook from Music Appreciation, and class is in session.”

– Matt Mertha, The Red Butlers

Kanem X & the May Moons / Lu Fuki & Divine Providence / Trey Priest / Kaj Althaus & Hotel Arch

Thursday, February 22 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
$7 advance, $10 day of

Kanem X & the May Moons (Hard Rock/Hard Blues)
Lu Fuki & Divine Providence (Afro-Jazz/Soul/Funk)
Trey Priest (Blues/Rock/Hip hop)
Kaj Althaus & Hotel Arch (Alt-rock)

Kanem X: Kanem X & the May Moons center their sound around hard rock & blues, focusing on a fiery style of guitar playing. Their music takes an instant hold of your senses, navigating you through heartache, joy, perseverance, and passion. The pull inspiration from guitar heavy weights Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix. The band consists of Kanem X on lead guitar & vocals, Hootie Tunes on guitar & vocals, Borz the Boogieman on Bass, and Austin the Klip on Drums.

Lu Fuki & Divine Providence: Divine Providence is a collective of jazz and classical musicians formed by guitarist/bandleader Lu Fuki who felt the need to connect hearts through sound, for a challenging and uncertain time, in order to promote solidarity, freedom, and social action. Members of the band include Lu Fuki-Electric Guitar, Tazeen Ayub- Acoustic Guitar, Nur Dhul-Qarnayn- Drums, Joe Chase-Keys, Jonathon Mateen II-Bass, Aaron David Bush McCoy-Jacobs- Violin & Percussion, and Mike Monford- Saxophone.

Trey Priest: Blues. Rock. Hip-hop. This might be Trey Priest at the core, but there’s always more. Influenced from all styles of music, the singer/songwriter from Detroit actively performs as a solo artist and lead guitarist with fellow Detroit bands ONEFREQ and The NLR Experience. Beginning his journey on guitar in 2009, Trey has since then combined his instrumental flair with his ability as a lyricist. His inspiration lies in making his audience feel good, as well as pushing his own musical skills to the next level. Trey continues to share his gifts on a global scale as a full-time musician and locally as a part-time teacher for the next generation of artists.

Kaj Althaus and Hotel Arch are a local alternative band out of Ann Arbor that frequently incorporate characteristics of funk and hip hop. Made up of singer, songwriter and guitarist Kaj Althaus, bassist Costa Willets and drummer Colin Martin they have​​ been together for the past three years. They started as a cover group and eventually worked their way into song writing. This past November they released their debut EP “I’ll Try Anything Twice” and have been playing shows around southeastern Michigan.

The Codgers: Free Dinner Show

Saturday, February 17 / 5:30-7:30pm / $Free
The Codgers (Folk/Americana/Celtic)

The Codgers formed in southwest Detroit in 2006 and have since played at hole-in-the-wall Irish pubs, rock venues, dinner theatre, a senior citizen’s home, wedding parties, on boats on the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair, and probably on your street corner. Our claim to fame is sparking the first crowd-surfing incident at Mario’s restaurant in Detroit.

Cold As Life / The Worst Of / Eye Remain

Saturday, February 17 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
$12 advance, $15 day of

Cold As Life (Hardcore/Punk)
The Worst Of (Headbanging)
Eye Remain (Hardcore/Thrash)

Cold As Life resurrected from the ashes of Apathetic Degenerates & The Mattress Rats. The original lineup of Rawn, Roy, Jeff and Jay Way were joined by many different bassists. They recorded a series of demos which spawned the signature sound that would make them infamous in the world of hardcore. Cold As Life returns with Roy on drums, Jesse on vocals, Matt on guitar and Craig on bass.

“As Detroit’s resurgence makes international headlines, it’s convenient to forget what we’re resurging from: Decades of high unemployment, violent crime, abandoned homes, abandoned lives and a very low standard of living for a First World nation. In the late ’80s, with Detroit deeply mired in the aforementioned miasma, a band called Cold as Life emerged on Detroit’s west side. It all started when, at a small bungalow nearly identical to all the other small bungalows in the infamous Brightmoor neighborhood, a guy who went by the name Rawn Beuty (aka Rodney Barger) joined a punk band called the Mattress Rats.” [Detroit Metro Times]

The Worst Of: Heavy hitters from the great city of Detroit and all the attitude to back it. These boys embrace the darker side of a good time. After being through the ringer The Worst Of keeps the jams hard and abrasive with that nasty groove you dig.

The Worst Of is a tight knit group of close friends with over 1000 live performances under their belts combined in some form. The newest formation and group favorite came from the heart and the pit of what they are LOUD HARD and HEAVY.

For The Worst Of it is simple, find a groove and ride it. Hit hard while being original and pulling from the roots of hardcore and metal and sticking to what they love to play. Look out for The Worst Of… Live out loud!

Eye Remain: “moving forward without forgetting where you come from. Eye Remain.weve been around for about 7 yrs and played all over the state in this time. weve been through alot of members but were very happy with the current line up and where our sound and style is going.many things influence each one of us from early punk to current death metal,even some milder stuff. come to a show and see for yourself!” [from the band]

The Lucid Furs / BoneHawk / The Hazytones / esme

Friday, February 16 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $7
The Lucid Furs (Detroit freak rock)
BoneHawk (Heavy rock)
The Hazytones (Stoner rock)
esme (Hard rock)

The Lucid Furs: Five bereaved souls here to wash your minds with their hard rock, psych and blues concoctions. To hold on to your morality, virtue and chastity DO NOT listen to The Lucid Furs!

BoneHawk plays heavy, fuzz soaked, rock ‘n’ roll music with a mind toward harmony and melody. Can you dig it?

The Hazytones is a group of stoner rock founded in 2015 in Montreal. The trio stuns the audience with his stage presence and intensity. Riff after riff, the group is known for his fat sound and heavy destructive saturation

esme: the seedling of esme was planted around 1999 when michael and charlie met while working together at a popular detroit lunch spot. they soon started playing music together in various outfits ranging stylistically from jazz/bossa nova, funk, improvised music, punk and some theater work. in the mid 2000’s michael’s bliss led him to san francisco where he lived for years honing his music and other artistic skills.

meanwhile, in detroit, charlie maintained a busy schedule of recording his own compositions, touring and playing in numerous bands. one of which, i, crime, is how he met anderson, a skilled writer and veteran of the lansing noise rock scene. in addition to playing in i,crime they formed a side project (one of a few) called TARE which took cues from mayhem, scratch acid and sonic youth.

eventually, micheal moved back to the detroit area and contacted charlie to catch up. he had some new material and wanted to do something heavy, if charlie was inclined to do some jamming. charlie, being the agreeable sort, was down to jam. once they’d gotten together charlie realized he knew just the guy to play bass and sing.

charlie immediately pitched the sapling project to anderson as i,crime had since taken an unofficial hiatus and TARE wasn’t doing much. personality wise, charlie figured michael and anderson would mesh well. when they all finally played together it sounded like a band. like a really good band. a really good, heavy band.

[Photo credit: Erick Buchholz]

Rooftop Love Club / The Philter / Warhorses / Krillin

Thursday, February 15 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $7
Rooftop Love Club (Garage rock/Blues)
The Philter (Surf/Shoegaze/New wave)
Warhorses (Heavy trance rock)
Krillin (Indie garage/Surf)

Rooftop Love Club: Toronto garage blues duo, Rooftop Love Club, thicken their reverberant riff-rock with Jake’s fuzzed-out baritone guitar and Jacob’s versatile, swampy drums. Catchy hooks and vibrant colours pair a mod-pop sensibility with stadium-worthy raw, authentic rock. They are visceral and loud, to say the least.

The Philter: Their music is further defined by lush swells of ambient sound and dark, melancholy lyrical content.

“There’s nothing SoCal about this band. Rather, this is very much surf rock with a Detroit edge. If these guys are surfing, they’re riding their boards through waves of oil, gasoline and grit.”
– Brett Callwood, MetroTimes

“The band has elements of shoegaze, chillwave, and surf rock. It mostly pays homage to surf bands such as The Ventures and Dick Dale while at the same time being as catchy as the Raveonettes.”
– Detroit Blackout

Warhorses: Psychedelic, sludgy, hypnotic space rock from Detroit.

“……Warhorses are an incredibly impressive psychedelic rock band. They will no doubt continue to progress and push their genres boundaries; hopefully forcing it into the limelight and out of its relative obscurity. Keep an eyes and ears on this group, something tells me they can’t be stopped.” Logan Bailey – Listen to the Mitten 6/21/13

Krillin: A group of multidimensional extraterrestrials from the Underspace. Wanted for being a rogue wave of chaos across the cosmos. The chase is on…..

BAD LOVE: Katelyn’s Valentine-Free Cinematic Extravaganza

Wednesday, February 14 / 7pm / No cover

Are you perpetually single and ready to mingle? Dislike Hallmark holidays? Then come down to PJ’s Lager House on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, where film aficionado-in-residence Katelyn will be behind the bar, showing some of her favorite movies about bad love. No sentimental valentines, just a good time!



7pm HEATHERS (1988)
9pm IT FOLLOWS (2014)
11pm ERASERHEAD (1977)

Vegan Aphrodisiac Delights with the Grim Feeder (Pop-up kitchen)

Tuesday, February 13 / 6pm / No cover

The Grim Feeder is your 100% vegan pop-up in Detroit City providing a food service for both body and spirit. Join us in eternal health through vegan cuisine at one of our dining events.

Ah, the season for loving…

Please join us the day before Valentine’s day to celebrate life, love and sensuality with our very special aphrodisiac dinner service.

The Pentacle Path will also join us for all of your romantic divination needs. Tarot readings, love candles, bath bombs, melts and more will be available in the showroom for purchase. More details pending.


Asparagus Roll Ups
Almond Stuffed Mushrooms (gf)

Lover’s Lasagna
Pesto Erotico

Banana Cream Pie (gf)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries (gf)

100% plant-based, that means VEGAN so dig in! (gf)= gluten free options.