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The Whiskey Charmers: Free Dinner Show

Friday, February 9 / 5:30-7:30pm / No cover

The Whiskey Charmers is a Detroit-based Ameripolitan/Country Noir band led by Carrie Shepard and Lawrence Daversa. Fans have often compared their sound to riding through the desert with the top down. They have just released their second full-length album “The Valley” on CD and digital outlets, with a vinyl release to follow this summer. The title track “The Valley” has just been chosen by Alternate Root Magazine as one of the top ten songs of the week and and the Americana magazine Turnstyled Junkpiled says of the new album,

“The Whiskey Charmers serve up another round of their signature “Country Noir” on their second studio release, The Valley. Picking up where they left off, the Charmers create a moody, atmospheric soundscape that plays like the soundtrack to a film noir/spaghetti western mashup. Simultaneously foreboding and alluring, The Whiskey Charmers music is as tempting as forbidden fruit.” – Brian Rock, TJ Music – June 9th,2017

Their debut self-titled album also received excellent reviews in the U.S. and abroad and was nominated for a Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Americana Recording. They have been included as one of the 15 best new bands in Detroit by the Detroit Metro Times who also listed Shepard as Best Singer/Songwriter of 2016.

Mike McGonigal of the Detroit Metro Times says “There might be a plethora of Americana/ roots-infused acts in the greater Detroit area, but the Whiskey Charmers are a real cut above. This bunch are not poseurs. They do not strum ukuleles. They do not write songs about cowpoke bullshit. Their music is charming, original, and always a delight.” – Mike McGonigal, Detroit Metro Times 8/30/16

Jennifer Westwood & the Handsome Devils / The Rumpshakers

Friday, February 9 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $8
Jennifer Westwood & the Handsome Devils (Rock/Soul/Americana)
The Rumpshakers (Rock and roll)

Jennifer Westwood cut her teeth on Detroit Gospel before hitting the gritty Detroit bars that set her career in motion. She has been a Detroit Music Award winner and nominee in several categories, and has contributed music to multiple Emmy Award winning commercials and documentaries, as well as film.

She first found confidence to consider music as a career by the encouragement of a church acquaintance, a professor of music who had previously served as ensemble choir director for the late Bishop C.L. Franklin, father of Aretha. Performing in church lead to her first work in the outside world, singing backup locally for Motown artist Carl Carlton (Bad Mama Jama). Studio work for various local artists followed, first in R & B and soul genres, followed by roots and blues. Those experiences gave her insight on the direction she wanted to embark on for her own music before leaping out on her own. It also opened doors for commercial work due to her vocal flexibility and enthusiasm. The same enthusiasm has driven each performance — whether it has been 7 ppl, on up to 70,000. Sharing the bill with rock icon Patti Smith at the world’s largest Masonic Temple have marked a highlight of her performance career.

Jennifer has fully embraced the character and spirit of Detroit; and considers her greatest accomplishment to be creating a career in music during some of the most troubling economic times for her hometown.

There are no musical limitations with Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils. The skill set and accomplishments that each member has earned helps them create a format where no style is out of bounds. Somehow, it all sounds familiar, but unique all the same. Truly a melting pot of musical ability and knowledge, the band makes a statement with each note and the sky is the limit.

The Rumpshakers: Roll up your t-shirt sleeves and put on your best Chuck Taylors. Its Jack Schneider’s birthday and we are bringing him out of his musical hiatus. Chef Chris, Danny Muggs Dylan Dunbar and Jack aka the notorious, the boisterous, the bedazzling Chef Chris and the Rumpshakers.

Stormy Chromer / Big Donut / Flying Caterpillar

Thursday, February 8 / 8pm doors, 9pm music
Stormy Chromer (Rock/Improg)
Big Donut (Rock/Garage)
Flying Caterpillar (Jam-Band Hybrid)

Stormy Chromer erupted onto the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti music scene in early 2014. The band’s four members – Spencer Hanson and Brendan Collins on guitar, Ryan King on bass guitar, and Amin Lanseur on drums – mix their varying influences to create a new brand of progressive and improvisational rock. Their real-time compositional style has earned them a steady following of devoted fans in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area, as well as a reputation within the greater Michigan music scene. Having played alongside nationally-touring acts like Consider the Source, Aqueous, The Main Squeeze, and After Funk, Stormy Chromer has been characterized by the Ann Arbor Current as having “a jazz-like knack for spread-out jams that can still keep things tight and land on a dime.” After an eventful 2015, including the release of the band’s debut EP “Peace of Pizza,” this band is poised to crash the scene like a tidal wave this year, with more shows, more recordings, and more melted faces than ever before!!

Flying Caterpillar is a hybrid jam band from southeast Michigan. They create a fusion of sound consisting of elements of psychedelic rock, space funk, reggae, acid-jazz, world-groove, soul, blues and rock and roll. Flying Caterpillar is an original band formed in the fall of 2017 consisting of Kenny Kochajda on bass guitar/vocals, Matt W on guitar/vocals, Brian W on keys/vocals, and Josh A on drums. Heavily influenced by the vibes, energy, and improvisational styles of the jam-band and festival scenes, along w/ the experimental freedom of the classic, psychedelic, and progressive rock of the 60s/70s ; Flying Caterpillar delivers a delightfully refreshing hybrid of new music to the music scene. Flying Caterpillar will be taking flight soon to bring their music to the masses. Stay tuned for the latest news, as Flying Caterpillar prepares to break onto the scene.

Crispy Roll Pop-up Dinner

Tuesday, February 6 / 6pm / No cover

Join Crispy Roll for another Lager House pop up! All menu items are $3


burger sauce

horseradish cream

shredded buffalo chicken-mozzarella
buttermilk ranch

pulled jackfruit-red onion-bbq sauce
hot mustard

spicy red cabbage-scallion-black sesame
crispy sauce

CRISPY FRIES & AIOLI (vegan aioli available upon request)


Adam Stanfel’s Gospel Brunch

Sunday, February 4 / Noon – 3pm / No cover

Join us for PJ’s famous brunch, served every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 3pm. This particular Sunday, we’ll be having DJ Adam Stanfel spin his favorite old school gospel records as you enjoy yer foods! Music begins at noon.

Pictured above: Vegan biscuits & gravy with tofu scramble and herbed potatoes.

Dirty Fences / The Stools / Woolly

Saturday, February 3 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $7
Dirty Fences (Garage/Punk rock)
The Stools (Garage/Punk)
Woolly (Power trio)

Dirty Fences: New York City’s favorite hard-working band. Dirty Fences’ fast, catchy, street-level, rock n roll will LIGHT THE FIRE OF YOUR DESIRE.

“It’s a shame there aren’t more bands like Dirty Fences these days. You know what we’re talking about: Acts made up of musicians who know how to play their instruments, write timeless songs and have a blast while doing it. Fresh off releasing a well-received self-titled EP on Volcom last year the band are now ready to unleash their full-length Too High To Kross—and if you think rock n’ roll is dead, get ready for your world to be flipped off its axis.

Bassist/vocalist Max Comaskey, vocalist/guitarist Jack Daves and drummer/vocalist Max Hiersteiner began playing together while attending high school in Boston and in 2009 they moved the band to Brooklyn and recruited Max Roseglass on guitar/vocals. Dirty Fences refer to themselves as a gang and that mentality is evident in every razor sharp riff and perfectly executed harmony on Too High To Kross, an album that evokes early American rock and punk acts such as Red Kross, MC5, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones and The Stooges.

However those names are just reference points because what Dirty Fences is doing is truly unique and moreover it’s rambunctious, melodic, fun and dangerous… something that they managed to convey by recording the instrumentation for their new album completely live with Jake and Toby Vest at High/Low Recording in Memphis, Tennessee. “All the basic tracks were done in two or three takes and we just banged them out in order to try to capture the energy of the live show in the recording,” Comaskey explains. “I think that really comes across with these songs.”

While recording technology couldn’t capture the sweat and frenzy of Dirty Fences’ legendary live shows, sonically Too High To Kross is about as close as you can get. From instantly catchy, no-frills rockers such as “Heaven Is Tonight” and “Rose In A Vice” to the Alice Cooper-esque solid rock groove of “What’s That Strange?” and harmony-driven melodic numbers such as “Always On My Mind,” Too High To Kross is an album in the classic sense of the term; 13 songs, 32 minutes and not one second of filler.

Equally impressive is how relevant Too High To Kross sounds despite the fact that the members have steeped themselves in their knowledge of rock and punk history. “We like a lot of music that happened during a certain era but we’re also a product of the world we live in and I think both of those aspects play into our sound equally,” Roseglass explains. “I think the strength of our music comes from the fact that we like so many different types of bands and when we say we like something from 1977 it could be Thin Lizzy or Kool & The Gang; when it comes to good music, we don’t discriminate.”

When Dirty Fences aren’t on the road odds are that you can find them at their house in Brooklyn, complete with a practice space in the basement and a quarter pipe in the backyard. “If we’re not practicing downstairs we’re writing song, booking a tour or listening to records, we have a tireless work ethic,” Comaskey explains. “We don’t have careers; this is what we’re going to do for the rest of our lives and so it has to come first and everything else has to work around the band.”

Playing for three hours every day in the basement and touring alongside everyone from The Shrine to Cults has helped this foursome cultivate a relationship that’s as tight as their relentless rhythm section. “We are a rock n’ roll band in the traditional sense and only these four people can do what we do,” Daves adds. “There’s a reason why we play with each other and if we’re not playing together we’re all hanging out.”

Then there’s the aforementioned live show, which is a raucous explosion of riffs, energy and enthusiasm that makes every DIY venue feel like an arena. “It’s a party onstage and we have the entire crowd going completely insane then we’ll bring it down for a minute to get everyone’s attention before we bring it back and knock everyone on the floor again,” Comaskey explains.

Ultimately it’s the world that has to conform to Dirty Fences, not the other way around. “If you go to a show to hear useless banter, tuning guitars and all that bullshit don’t come to our shows because we’re not going to give you enough time to breathe,” Hiersteiner summarizes. “We dive in and we’ll be underwater the whole time, leaving you gasping for breath.” That said, if you make it to the end of the ride it’s more than worth the risk so sit back, crank it up and learn how good it feels to be Too High To Kross.” [via last.fm]

We are The Stools. We are from Detroit. We borrow/trashpick instruments and play the songs for ya. Nuggets vs. killed by death.

Pröwess / Trigger / Electric Huldra

Wednesday, January 31 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $5
Pröwess (Rock N’ Roll)
Trigger (Hard rock)
Electric Huldra (Rock and roll)

Pröwess is a straight on rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from Charlotte, NC. This savage army of seasoned road-warriors with dreams of conquest and world domination was unleashed in 2016. Pröwess is a supreme rock & roll band. We are the unicorn. The dragon. The mythical creature that you thought long extinct.

TRIGGER is a Detroit based heavy rock ‘n’ roll band that digs deep into the Earth’s core to construct a mesmerizing barrage of badass jams. Centered around thick rhythmic grooves swimming in a sea of guitar feedback & flange. The vocals soar over top like a vulture looking for it’s next catch…..new album BETTER OFF ALIVE coming soon!

Electric Huldra: Desert/Stoner Rock trio from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Dr Sushi x Noodles Man (Pop-up kitchen)

Tuesday, January 30 / 6pm / No cover

Hi, happy new year, join us for a night of food eating and ping pong at the Lager House on Tuesday, January 30th

Dr Sushi and Noodles Man are making a few different kinds of Japanese style ramen for the evening. One vegan and one very non-vegan. Will also have some cool and interesting snacks for ya.

We are sponsoring a Ping Pong tournament beginning at 9pm. Make sure to sign up before the tournament begins! The winner gets a prize. Last month’s winner Will Burke is currently on a tear and playing some of the best pong yet. Very exciting. Will Burke’s prize was a sandwich.

A la carte / cash n credit accepted.
Jay behind the bar!