PERFORMING AT PJ’S: All artists interested in playing PJ’s Lager House, please read the following.

First and foremost


e-mail Jesse at Attn: Booking

Include all of the following information in order

  • A brief description of your band. A link to your website, Facebook page, and a source to hear your music.
  • A list of the area venues you have played and area bands you have played with.
  • Dates that you would like, be available to play, or would want to play on a bill already booked.

Local Bands – If you have never played PJ’s before, and your sound fits, we’ll probably ask you to play a weekday night or as an opener. If you have a complete night arranged, please let us know and we will see what we can do to work with you. If you have played PJ’s before, you are already familiar with the routine, contact Jesse and we’ll work on getting you back in!

Touring Bands – Touring bands are welcome at PJ’s and we will do our very best to accommodate you. It is generally best to reach out to local bands and get a few on board for your show before emailing for a date.

Teaming up with  a local band is the best way to build  an audience in Detroit.  They will help promote your show and  it’s a great way to make connections in the city.

Interested in opening for a touring band? Check out – sign up your band and find open slots we have on different bills.

Tips and info for performing bands:

When you’ve booked a show at PJ’s, please read our Booking FAQ. It has all the juicy details you need to know!

Once you have a show booked at PJ’s be sure to let your fans know.



Promotion suggestions:

PJ’s will help

We will share your  event invites as well as make you 5 copies of hard copy posters for the bar. As soon as you are booked, please send a short description of your band  and photo to with the date you are performing in the subject heading.

 Or  Send us your own POSTERS – We love em. Paper posters should be dropped off / mailed to arrive at the bar  NO LATER than TWO WEEKS  before the scheduled performance.

JPEG’s- Need to arrive via e-mail NO LATER than TWO WEEKS before the scheduled performance for our website and social media sites. Send  JPEG  to:

“Facebook EVENTS Page” –  Make PJ’s Lager House an Admin on your invitations so that we can help you from our end. Make your event page is exciting by providing  links for  all the bands on your  show. Tour updates,  pics, music samples, and anything else that may be helpful to your fans.

How to make a FB Event

Social Media invites

Update your websites, calendars. and websites. Social media calendars should be updated with details of your performance upon show confirmation. and continued to be updated as the time of  your performance nears.

POSTS – Be diligent about your event invites on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other platform you work with.

FRIENDS, FAMILY, and ALL  – Make sure to let all of your acquaintances know that you are about to climb that rock world ladder and they need to be there to share the experience with you!

Avoid Multiple Shows in the Immediate Area – In the interest of having a good turnout for your show, we suggest not booking any other shows in the immediate area for a minimum of two weeks before and after your show date at PJ’s. –

CONTACT LOCAL MEDIA Although we send our calendars out to the local press, It helps to also send out your your own show details at least two weeks before your show date for that extra lovin’ press coverage!

Detroit Metro Times (weekly)

Detroit Free Press (daily)

The Detroit News (daily)


Motor City Blog


CJAM FM  99.1 Windsor Attn: Willie Wilson

WCBN FM 88.3  Ann Arbor

WHFR FM Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn

WDET FM 101.9 Detroit

WDIV TV –  WDIV often hosts local bands on their morning show.

Finally, thank  you  for  your  interest in playing at PJ’s Lager House. We hope to work with bands and performers from many genres and styles in the years to come. We are open to suggestions and hope you bring your best to The Lager House.

Thanks and  see you  in the “D”