• Avocado eggs and chips breakfast, french toast and coffee
  • Interior, crowd sitting around
  • Interior, crowd during a gig
  • Burrito cut in half
  • Bread and rice dish closeup

At PJ’s we want you to feel at home – our home.
Thanks for coming.

About us

It masqueraded as a furniture store during Prohibition (ask PJ to show you the secret password slot in the basement door), but emerged a beer garden the minute the 21st Amendment was passed repealing Prohibition. Prior to being renamed The Lager House in 1965, 1254 Michigan Ave. was known as the Doemer Beer Garden, Doemer Brothers Tavern, and The Doemer Tavern. The bakery/restaurant/bar served up great food and drink to city pols, Corktown neighbors, unionists, bookies, bettors, and sports fans alike.

Enter the ’90s and a new era of punk and attitude. The kitchen was replaced with a sound system and the Lager House became known as a hangout for bands such as the White Stripes and the Von Bondies (excuse us for mentioning those in the same sentence).

Now PJ has brought back the kitchen with Detroit Attitude and a dash of New Orleans flavor. Hamburgers are handmade from fresh, ground steak. The salad dressings are made from scratch. Veggie burgers are made from house-made falafel. The gumbo is the real thing. Food lovers of all stripes will find a fresh fare.