HafLife / Bill Grogan’s Goat / Larynx Zillion’s Novelty Shop at PJ’s Lager House

Thu, Jun 16, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to

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Thursday, June 16 / 8pm / $5
Bill Grogan’s Goat
Larynx Zillion’s Novelty Shop

HafLife should never have existed! Stranger than fiction; two Detroit university students, obtain funding to develop a aural therapy to cure night terrors. The results were disastrous, and the two were immediately dismissed. The only positive effect was the unrelenting propensity for test subjects to gyrate prior to awakening. The two rogue researchers, left the country and went abroad to continue their experiments. Collaborating with last known members of the famed “Numbers Project”, this sonic think tank formed the “Atomic Gyration Institute”, solely dedicated to the subatomic quantum physics of gluteal gyration. MD 20/20, Handi J, V, and Tsar Bomba (names permanently changed… Interpol issues), continue to perform their sonic experiments, under the name HafLife. Labeled everything from “Bootycore” to “The Biker band of the Information Super Highway”, HafLife continues to defy the Motor City garage rock genre. They continually perform unlicensed aural experiments on unsuspecting crowds, searching for that perfect mathematical gyration deep within the gluteal fold. Since its inception, seismic activity has increased worldwide. Pi, Phi and Pythagoras be damned… long live HafLife & THE ATOMIC GYRATION INSTITUTE… Counting Down, One life at a time.

Bill Grogan’s Goat is a collective of five Detroit area musicians who blend their many varied musical styles together to create a high energy fresh approach to the Celtic folk/rock tradition. Combining a rock band format of bass, drums and guitars with traditional instruments such as Irish bouzouki, tin whistle, mandolin, violin and 5 string banjo, Bill Grogan’s Goat offers a highly listenable blend of Detroit/Celtic rock! Bill Grogan’s Goat will excite and please both young and old!

Laurence Miller (a.k.a. Larynx Zillion) has revived his 1990s-era “Larynx Zillion’s Novelty Shop”; amped up intense rock & roll with a flair for humor, discordance, and lovelorn fancy.

“Disneyland on fast forward, spinning out of control”
– Decontrol, 1991

THE SHOP was originally a one-man band solo project, where Laurence wrote all the material, played all the instruments, and sang all the vocals on his early recordings. He eventually put a band together, making THE SHOP’s 1st debut at Ann Arbor’s Performance Network in the fall of 1992.
Zillion’s new & improved outfit made its 21st century debut on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 at Ann Arbor’s Zal Gaz Grotto Club celebrating two new CD’s and a 3-song 45rpm. These fresh items sport material recorded by the original band back in the mid 1990’s. The current band plans to go into the studio early next year and record a handful of compositions for release in summer 2017. Oh, yeah.

Larynx Zillion; lead vocal, electric guitar, and “The Mosquito” (an electric 4-stringed whole-tone scaled mandolin.)
Voxxy Soxx; vocal, electric guitar, tambourine, maracas, costume changes
Willy the Barber; keyboard
Katsumi-Zoomi; bass, vocal
El Mocoso, drums, vocal