In the Round: Alison Lewis, Michelle Held, Joe Shields, and Rachel Laven

Wed, Apr 5, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 10:00pm

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Wednesday, April 5 / 8-10pm / $7

Detroit songstresses Alison Lewis and Michelle Held are joined by Kerrville New Folk winners Joe “Cartoon” Shields from Grand Rapids and Rachel Laven from San Antonio, for an evening of stories and songs In The Round style at the historic PJ’s Lager House. Expect some ace songwriting and irreverence. Come a little early and grab a bite or a beer and say hello!

Alison Lewis and String of Ponies are the songs of Alison Lewis and her band, String Of Ponies.The Ponies come and go, and sometimes come back again, which keeps the music fresh and always evolving. The one thing that remains every time are the songs written by Alison lewis. She will show up and sing her heart out. You can count on that.

Michelle Held: Odysseus spoke of songs upon the seas, carried by the winds for the ears of sailors, sung with intent to capture should one find themselves astray. Siren songs. We sometimes read about these sirens with mythological reverence, but sometimes, during the rarest of occasions, we find one in our midst. Michelle Held may very well be one . . . Heed the call and hear her song.

Joe Shields: The Grand Rapids artist who made a splash as an animator has reinvented himself as a uniquely entertaining songwriter embarking on a bold new adventure.

Rachel Laven is a young yet seasoned singer songwriter with 15 years of professional stage experience. This Texas native is known for turning eyes and ears with her electric vocals and her provocative songwriting.