Rick Ruiner’s Birthday Party featuring the Ruiners / the Twistin’ Tarantulas / the Hi-Views

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

Friday, February 24 / 8pm doors, 9pm music / $8
the Ruiners (Rock-n-roll)
the Twistin’ Tarantulas (Arena rockabilly)
the Hi-Views (Rockabilly/Roots)

The Ruiners are a 6 piece Detroit Rock-n-roll band rooted in the over-the-top musical and theatrical traditions of their oily hometown fabric. The Ruiners are notorious locally and now nationally after appearing on The Spike T.V reality series “On The Road”. Recently a still unreleased song was requested by Jackass producers for use in Fuel T.V.’s extreme sports program “The Captain and Casey show”. The Ruiners also made their presence known in Europe in 2004. After a Norwegian booking agent caught their magic stick show in Detroit last year, an invitation to play Gearfest in both Sweden and Norway, was granted. The band has much history locally. Members have had duties in bands ranging from the Detroit Cobras to Elvis Hitler. The Ruiners have evolved from early stints as the house band for Detroit’s amateur woman’s wrestling at the now infamous The Gold Dollar. At this time the shows focused on crowd driven riots and destruction of nearly everything imaginable on stage. The band became a local favorite of bikers and cross-dressers, but club owners’ dread. For this reason, The Ruiners literally set its sledgehammers down and started banging out catchy 3-minute songs by cleverly combining bubble-gum and ballsy blues glam rock into fierce and memorable rock anthems. One reviewer described the live show as a demolition derby where the cars are driven by the Cramps, Alice Cooper and Stooges in the Munsters backyard. The live shows are unforgettable. No band wants to follow the Ruiners. The band pours their bodies into every show, regardless of attendance or venue. Rick Ruiner, singer/stuntman has been known to light himself on fire with lighter fluid, ride his dirtbike inside the venue, or swing from the ceiling. Co-singer and sexy femme fatal ” Renee Ruiner” shakes her fringe, sings ala go-go. The baby doll voice of this bubble-gum starlet melts hearts while paying tribute to Ronnie Ronnette and Betty Boop alike.
Bass player Liz Ruiner brings a sexy ’76 era Suzi Quatro influence to the bottom end. She is slick, and tough as Joan Jett’s nails. Damian Ruiner plays his flamejob drums like a Hopped up V-8, drag-racing into the heart of darkness.

No style label will quite fit this band, and nobody in attendance will leave without a song stuck in their head, a great rock-n-roll story, a smile on their face and possibly bruises on the souls of their feet.

Twistin’ Tarantulas

The time: Fall 1993

The place: The former Dispatch Laundry Co. and home to one “Pistol” Pete Midtgard, located in a Detroit neighborhood its residents affectionately refer to as, “Ghetto Heights”

The result: The formation of the Twistin’ Tarantulas, a hard-edged, roots-driven, Rock n’ Roll band with the intensity of a five-alarm blaze, the conviction of a sinner at the gates of heaven, and an attitude of, well, a band from Detroit!

Since their forming, the band has gone from a Sunday night side project to a full-time nationally touring act with three CDs of all original material. They’ve been north to Alaska, south to Key West, east to Helsinki, west to L.A. and everywhere else in-between. They have sold records throughout the world without the aid of a record label and have had their music used for MTV’s “Real World” and “Road Rules,” two movies, and several other TV and radio shows.

Musically, the band journeys across the American musical landscape, playing mostly their own material. They play a hybrid of Jump-Blues and Rockabilly with a modern Punk edge, avoiding most of the cliché associated with Rockabilly bands. This is no 1950s dog-n-pony show! When they do cover songs, expect the unexpected. On a given night, you’ll hear Tom Waits, Bauhaus, Misfits, Motörhead, Tom Jones, Ramones, and even Kiss.

What started out as a band with a mission, has ended up being a man with a mission. Pistol Pete Midtgard, the lead singer, upright bassist, and main creative force is also the sole survivor of the original line-up. Like his idol, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motörhead, Pete’s name and his band’s name have become synonymous. For ten years, Pete has maintained a standard of intensity and musicianship through death, desertion, and even his own battle with cancer. Like the old man and the sea, he refuses to give up.

All the aforementioned information becomes apparent when you see the band live. Every year of experience, every twist and turn of their tortured course, and every tear of joy or sadness ever shed comes through in their performance. No wardrobe stylist, no make-up artist, no choreographer, no formula present, just three men telling their story and expressing themselves through their music.

The Hi-Views are Detroit rockabilly! In February of 2013, when guitarist Jeff Bitzinger and upright bass player Paul Royal decided to get together for an informal rockabilly basement jam, the musical connection was immediate. Shortly afterward, The Hi-Views were formed: a mix of classic fifties era rockabilly, garage/punk energy, and pop sensibility. From those beginnings, The Hi-Views have taken their high energy show to many venues in and out of their home state of Michigan, and continue to gain fans of no frills, straight-up rockabilly/roots music. Regarding the band, Detroit Metro Times magazine writes “This might be the most underrated retro act in all of Detroit.” With the recent addition of veteran drummer Alan Curtis, the formula is complete, and The Hi-Views are even more ready to tear it up in YOUR town!