Wood Chickens / Border Patrol / the Wagner Act / Willa Rae & Mason T

Tue, Sep 27, 2016 @ 8:00 pm to 2:00am

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Tuesday, September 27 / 8pm / $5
Wood Chickens (Cowpunk/Outlaw kuntry/Psych)
Border Patrol (Folk/Rock)
The Wagner Act (Folk/Country/Americana)
Willa Rae & Mason T (Acoustic set)

Wood Chickens: A caffeine fueled cowpunk outfit burning down barns across the U.S. of A.

Border Patrol is a lyrically driven folk-rock group from Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. Blending elements of traditional bluegrass and folk with punk and indie expression, they feature vocal harmonies and surprisingly upbeat melodies about our impending doom and the monotonies of every day life and love in this modern age.

The Wagner Act is a songwriting collaboration between John Freeman and Nick Mansfield. It came about one October a few years ago over some Canadian whiskey and Guy Clark tunes in Freeman’s garage. Mansfield brought an idea to the table to write a tune about iron workers on Zug Island. They ran that tune and Guy Clark’s “Stuff that Works” into the wee hours of the morning and left for their respective day jobs with worthwhile hangovers. This was the first of many songwriting sessions. After opening for Ryan Dillaha and the Miracle Men at the Magic bag in Ferndale, MI a few months later, the two songwriters became a performing duo.

Nick Mansfield was born in Reno, NV and grew up in Dearborn, MI. He is a Firefighter on Zug Island in Southwest Detroit and a Bartender in Downtown Detroit. He lives in Detroit.

John Freeman was born and raised in Detroit. He is a professor of writing at Oakland University. He currently resides in Dearborn, MI.

They are both proud union members and write songs with labor themes both historical and contemporary.

Willa Rae Adamo, a Detroit dweller with an old soul and the power behind the band’s sound, got her start with classical and opera vocal training at the early age of twelve. Though her musical inclinations have strayed from opera, her classical roots bare through in her powerhouse of a voice. Under the influence of icons such as Johnny Cash, the Violent Femmes and Ani Difranco, Willa Rae’s love for rock and roll was fully consummated, with an incredible repertoire of original songs to show for it. A singer-songwriter at her core, Willa spends her time crafting songs that reflect the beautiful disaster that is the human condition, telling stories of love gone bad, and reckoning with the ghosts of her own past. If you’re lost, if you’re lonely, if you’re in awe of the world around you – listen in.

Mason T: “This isn’t morning music and these aren’t songs for a sunny day. It’s iron stoves in shacks and ash trays in smoky bar-rooms. It’s missing teeth and chewing tobacco. It’s coming up a bit short when it’s time to pay your tab and waking up drunk with a long day at the factory ahead. It’s the hills of Kentucky shot into the arm of the once-vibrant Downriver Detroit music scene, providing a warm fix that’s been missing down there for years.” – J. Porter