PJ’s Lager House Booking Faq


What is the best way to contact PJ’s Lager House about show questions?

Email Jesse at Lagerhousebookings@gmail.com (you probably booked the show with him), or Katelyn at Lagerhousepromotions@gmail.com


Will you build a show around my band?

In most situations, it’s your responsibility as a band or promoter to book a full, well drawing lineup.


What’s the payment deal at PJ’s?

It’s a door deal. 100% after $200 goes to bands. For instance if $500 comes through the door, the bands split $300. If $1k comes through the door, the bands split $800. If $2k comes through the door, the bands split $1,800. Moral of the story: Promote your show and you’ll bank!


Okay, I’ve booked a show. Now what?

We expect 3 things at PJ’s. Promote your show, promote your show, and promote your show. Make a Facebook Event for the show, and make every band (and PJ’s) a host. Every member of every band on the bill is expected to invite people to the Facebook Event page for the show. Instagram and Twitter posts are great too. As soon as you book a show, you should design, print and drop off posters at the bar. You can also mail them to: PJ’s Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI, 48226. We have a team that distributes posters around town – if you print the posters, we’ll sling ‘em. If you can’t print them, send an electronic version to Katelyn and we’ll get them hung up for you.


What can I expect for hospitality?

All band members above the age of 21 will get drink tickets. Also, all band members get 20% off any food they order at PJ’s. If you haven’t tried out the food, it’s amazing. Check out the menu here: http://pjslagerhouse.com/kitchen/


What’s the run of show for a typical event?

Load in at 7pm. Sound engineer arrives at 8pm. We like our shows to go late – music should go til at least 1am.


How many people can I put on the guest list?

The guest list is a tricky thing. Everyone wants to put their friends and family on the list, but it cuts into the amount of people that pay cover. We recommend no more than 1 guest per band member, if that. If you put 20 people on the guest list, don’t be surprised if the payout you walk with seems light compared to the amount of bodies in the room. We want bands that play PJ’s to be paid well – help yourself out and get your friends to pay cover!